Webinar: Winning Mindset, Transform your Life and Business

Our mindset is not fixed. Hence an average performer in work and business can rise to world class by training and implementing new tools and strategies into their daily routine. This can then bring about a deep change in their thinking, acting and responsiveness in any situation.

The winning mindset process involves rewiring the mindset by systematically bringing about changes at cognitive level. This all starts with awareness, followed by clarity, anticipation and action. In the webinar “Winning Mindset, Transform your Life and Business” David Rahman discuss the Winning Mindset concept.

The concept gives you tools that help you to take control of your mind. By doing so and taking in account thoughts and feelings you will find new solutions. You come up with concrete new actions that enhances your life and relations, career and business.

Time of the webinar: 28.4. at 15-15.30