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Robot Framework and test automation

This course gives you insight into automatic testing and presents the basic features of Robot Framework with practical exercises and demos. After the course you have an extensive understanding of automatic acceptance testing with Robot Framework. You can confidently state that you know Robot Framework principles and how to make acceptance test cases with it.

Robot Framework is a generic test automation framework for acceptance testing and acceptance test-driven development. In this training you get good understanding of what Robot Framework is and how it relates to DevOps pipeline.

Training formats



2 days


1550 €

Target Group

This training is targeted for testers (testing engineer, test manager, test analyst), programmers, developers and other professionals involved in SW development.


In this test automation training, you:

  • learn how to use keywords, variables and arguments in test cases
  • get to know what resource file is and how it is used
  • understand the difference between keyword driven, data driven and behavior driven tests
  • get to know log and report files generated automatically by Robot Framework
  • learn how to use test templates
  • understand what are built-in variables and keywords
  • learn several command line options for running test cases
  • get basic idea how to make your own test libraries with Python.


No programming skills nor experience of testing automation is needed, but some software testing experience is required.

Contents of Robot Framework and test automation

Learning objectives - after the training you:

  • understand what is Robot Framework and how it is used
  • know the most common test libraries used in Robot Framework
  • can make test cases with Robot Framework, using both Selenium2Library keywords and user keywords
  • have enough practical knowledge to start working with Robot Framework and to start learning deeper aspects independently - for example making your own test library.

Topics of automatic testing training:

  • Introduction to automatic testing (especially automatic acceptance testing)
  • Demo how testing is used in DevOps pipeline
  • Installing needed tools
  • Practical training: Automatic acceptance testing (Robot Framework)
  • Demo how own libraries can be made using python

Training material

The training material is in English, training is run in Finnish or English.


Course begins at 9.00 and ends at 16.-16.30. Breakfast is served from 8.15 onwards.