Benefit programs

With a range of benefit programmes, you can get training at very affordable prices. Take a look at our advantage programmes and choose the one that suits you best.

Group discount – bring the whole team and get 15% off

Should you upgrade the skills of your whole team at the same time? We encourage you to participate in groups, as all teams of three or more will receive a 15% discount!

Use the discount code TIIMI15 and take advantage of the group discount!

The discount cannot be combined with other discounts, training cards or previous orders. The discount does not apply to reseller training.

Tieturi training card – save up to 40% on training days

Save money with the Tieturi training card! We offer cards that enable staff training at a reduced daily rate for both small and large organizations.

With a training card, you can get up to 40% off your training days. The savings not only make your budget more efficient, but also allow you to take advantage of a wider and more varied range of training opportunities.

From our wide range of training courses you can find training for communication, management, HR and IT! In addition to Tieturi training courses, you can also pay for MIF (JTO, Infor, Fintra) training courses with a training card.

Benefits of the Tieturi training card:

  • Reduced training costs
  • Complete control over the training budget
  • A buffer against any price increases
  • Training plan drafted together with Tieturi
  • Quality training, always

Our experienced training professionals will help you choose the most suitable training card for your organisation. We will help you select the training courses and trainers from our range to suit your needs.

You can also use the training card to pay for customer-specific training and other services according to a separate offer.

Contact experienced Tieturi training professionals, we’re glad to help!

Jyrki Tukia, t. +358 50 544 6418
Kristiina Tala, t. +358 50 590 0811 
Marita Heinstöm-Salo, t. +358 50 518 1108 
Pauli Roine, t. +358 40 525 9988
Teemu Ahonen, t. +358 50 554 5400 

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Public administration contracts

Tieturi has been providing public administration with quality ICT training for a long time.

We offer ICT and project management training for public administration at a reduced rate and with a better offering than before. By concentrating training to Tieturi, you will be eligible for benefits on more than 1000 courses.

Visit our website to view our open courses, which can also be tailored to your needs. Nearly all of our courses can be customized.