Information security

Secure your information and prevent threats

Information security

Data security is part of organizations’ overall security and risk management. Its significance is further emphasized in the increasingly digital world. With cloud-based solutions and digital communications, nearly all companies must focus on information security, and digitalization also affects legislation – GDPR has definitely been on everyone’s radar.

Thanks to digitalization, you could say that all companies are software companies, which is why you must observe data security from the development phase onwards. To this end, we offer Secure Coding courses where you will be able to learn data secure coding in different languages and environments.

Training for the management and technical implementation of data security

We offer courses on data security policy management and its technical implementation. The training covers all areas of data security, and we are confident that you will be able to find the right data security training in our selection for data security planning directors as well as those responsible for the technical implementation.

In addition to classroom teaching at our Töölönlahti Campus, you can participate in Swedish-language data security training organized by our Swedish subsidiary Informator remotely. Remote courses are marked with the letter R next to the name of the location.

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