DevOps brings development and production together seamlessly.
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DevOps combines the best practices of software development (Dev) and operations (Ops), promoting efficient, continuous, and high-quality software production. It is based on the alignment of culture, processes, and tools to improve product delivery speed, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction.  

DevOps aims to increase collaboration, enable continuous value creation and cooperation between different experts, including by automating and speeding up software production delivery. DevOps provides the right environment for agile working methods and systems. Fast, timely and controlled feedback loops enable software development to be managed at the individual, team, organization, and product levels.  

Why invest in DevOps?

  1. To shorten development cycles and accelerate innovation by combining development and operations work.  
  2. Reduces implementation failure, reflection, and recovery time: shorter development cycles support repeatable code versions, making it easier to find bugs in code  
  3. Supports a performance-oriented and collaborative company culture instead of an individual one, creating better communication and collaboration that leads to trust between employees.  
  4. Competency is also improved as DevOps tasks can be automated, reducing the amount of manual work.  

What kind of DevOps training are you looking for?

Our DevOps training courses cover a wide range of topics to help you understand the DevOps mindset and how to apply it in practice. We offer courses that focus on both basic and advanced techniques, including continuous integration and delivery, cloud infrastructure, automation, testing, monitoring and more.  

Whether you are a software developer, systems administrator or IT manager, our DevOps training courses will help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to effectively use the DevOps model. Our hands-on courses give you the tools and skills you need to build and manage smooth, continuous, high-quality software development processes.

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