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Testing is a vital part of software development. Software testing ensures the quality, reliability, performance and security of the software. Testing also ensures that the software works as planned and meets its requirements. 

Testing can detect errors or bugs, even before the software is released or deployed. Being able to fix bugs before the software is released reduces the maintenance and repair required during the product’s lifecycle. With effective testing methods and the right tools, you can save time, costs and resources. Testing also improves customer satisfaction, as well-tested software always provides a better user experience.  

Software testing combines software development expertise, business knowledge, systems thinking and good communication skills. 

What kind of software testing training are you looking for?

Interested in Robot Framework or accredited ISTQB certification? Or usability testing or security testing? We offer a wide range of software testing courses. Our training courses allow you to focus on both theory and practical exercises under the guidance of a professional trainer and learn best practices in the area of testing. 

No matter what kind of tester you are, our testing training courses will help you develop and ensure that your testing processes are consistent and effective. You’ll find new skills to develop your testing processes and skills, as well as security and usability testing. 

ISTQB certification validates your testing skills

ISTQB certifications put your testing skills in the spotlight. The International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) is the leading provider of testing certifications.   

ISTQB certification training courses are useful in day-to-day activities because they reinforce common terminology and methodologies. The competence of testing professionals who have completed ISTQB certifications is also clearly verifiable. 

The ISTQB Foundation is the international foundation certification for software testing. In more advanced subjects, certification can also be obtained in areas such as agile testing, usability testing and test automation. 

Robot Framework – open-source tool for test automation

The Robot Framework is an open-source tool particularly suited for acceptance testing and acceptance testing driven development (ATDD). Robot Framework skills are an essential part of the test automation developer’s toolkit. 

At Tieturi you will find training both on the basics of the Robot Framework and on how to deepen your knowledge. The Robot Framework training path for software testing professionals provides new skills to help you learn how to use the Robot Framework in test automation.