IT infrastructure

Fewer risks, quicker results

IT infrastructure

IT infrastructure, or IT infra, is a necessity in nearly all companies today. Various development and server devices and the applications and settings installed onto them make up an entity that is commonly referred to as an ”environment.”

The task of ICT infra is to standardize this environment. According to studies, standardized environments generate up to 97% savings in time used – and no wonder, because they are uniform and usually quite clear-cut to use. Furthermore, properly standardized IT infrastructure reduces data security risks.

What is the best training for me?

Whether you need to learn more about Microsoft 365, Azure, Windows, Exchange or Linux, we have the right training for you. Our experienced IT pros will familiarize you with IT infrastructure!

In addition to traditional teaching in a classroom, you will also find a comprehensive selection of online training in our offering. Participate in training offered by the UK-based QA or Swedish Informator conveniently in your own office!

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