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Project work is increasingly common, and the title of project manager is used for projects of all shapes and sizes. The role of the project manager is crucial to the success of the project, but the success of the project is also influenced by the level of project work competence of the whole team and the organisation. 

A project manager is a multi-skilled person, good at managing both tasks and people. The project manager should be familiar with both traditional project planning methods and agile methods and strive to succeed in scheduling, project communication, accountability, motivation, monitoring and risk management.  

In our project management trainings, you will be able to get to grips with both project work methods and the most advanced project frameworks, not forgetting certification and various project tools. 

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Project work training for both project managers and project team members 

The key to a successful project is the different roles, their responsibilities and a successful distribution of work. Each project member should be familiar with the overview of project management and the project working methods that make their own work more effective. 

We offer training for both project managers and project team members, whether you are a novice or an experienced project manager. The trainings will give you the opportunity to learn both theory and practical tasks, and you will get the best tips from experienced project professionals. 

Tieturi has years of experience in training project professionals. With us, you too can become an even better project professional! 

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PRINCE2®, IPMA and PMP project certifications 

More and more clients or partners are setting their own requirements by demanding that professionals involved in a project have an project certificate. 

Three major and widely recognised project work certifications for project managers are PRINCE2®, PMP and IPMA. The certification allows project managers to demonstrate their competence in managing project work. 

We at Tieturi want to offer you the choice of completing the certification that is right for you by providing training in all three of these most recognised project skills certification options. 

Which project work certificate is worth taking? 

It is difficult to give a straight answer, as the usefulness of a certificate depends on the context. However, whichever of the above project work certificates you choose, it is worth getting certified. 

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Smoother project management with project tools 

Mastering project management tools offers a number of benefits for project management and makes the work of the entire project team easier. They allow the project manager to better organise projects, track progress and manage project resources. The project team can get a comprehensive and realistic picture of the project status and easily share information among project team members. When project management tools help to plan and execute projects efficiently, project risks are reduced and project management improves. 

Project professionals know that project tools are as much a key to a smooth-running project as knowledgeable project team members. Tieturi offers you a wide range of tools to help you make your project a success. Our training courses will get you involved in the practical tasks of project tools and give you the best tips on how to use them from experienced project professionals. 

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In addition to new skills, project management training also provides a welcome opportunity to reflect on your own skills and working methods together with other project professionals working in similar roles and considering the same issues.  

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