Project management

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Project management

Nowadays, project management seems to be an essential skill, because nearly everyone works with projects in one way or another. But why do so many projects fail? The most common reason is a lack of project skills. First and foremost, the success of a project depends on the project lead, but also the other participants.

Most often, project managers are experts in their field with newfound responsibilities in the form of a development project. They have a wealth of substance expertise, but their project management skills may be lacking. If you work on projects, come and improve your skills and ensure that your projects are successful.

What kind of project training is best suited to me?

We offer training to project managers and project team members, whether you are a newcomer to the world of projects or a seasoned professional. Training enables you to take a deep dive into both the theory and practical tasks. You will also be privy to tips from experienced project professionals.

Project management training

Project managers, heads up! As a modern project manager, you truly are a Renaissance person; you must be able to manage things (project management) and lead people (project leadership). You know your way around traditional project planning methods and agile practices, and your tasks include scheduling work, communicating about projects, assigning responsibilities and motivating co-workers as well as monitoring and managing risks successfully. In addition, an increasing share of customers and cooperation partners set their own requirements by requiring that the professionals involved in the project hold international project certificates (IPMA C, Prince2®, PMP).

In our project training, you have the chance to gain in-depth knowledge of project work basics as well as more demanding project work frameworks, including the chance to gain certificates and learn more about various project tools. Many major projects are run on Excel, which is why we also offer comprehensive Excel training.

Our training focuses on leading people, because according to studies conducted by global project organizations (PMI, IPMA), the greatest challenges projects face lie in leading people and cooperation between people.

Do you take part in project work?

Project work may also be hindered by the actions of the steering group or lack there of. An efficient steering group improves profitability significantly, but the roles and responsibilities of the steering group may often be unclear. This is why we also provide training in steering group work.

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