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Business development is essential to the success of an organisation. Business can be developed by creating something new or by improving what already exists. In creating something new, service design is at its best an inspiring way to put the customer at the heart of product development. Service design aims to make services as accessible and usable as possible. It brings a customer centric approach to the work. Services are explored from the customer’s point of view and the aim is to create customer experiences that deliver maximum value. 

It is difficult to improve or change operations if processes are not described or modelled. In organisations and businesses, processes help to bring predictability and quality to operations. If something is done more than once, it is good to think about how to do it in an efficient and standardised way. Understanding and refining processes can significantly reduce waste. 

Understanding the laws and contractual models relevant to business development is important for compliance, reducing risk, building trust, building sustainable contractual relationships. By knowing the current laws, practical approaches and negotiation strategies, companies can manage legal questions and promote sustainable growth in an evolving business environment. 

Change management and change leadership are essential skills for achieving objectives, as the successful implementation of major changes is often necessary to achieve an organisation’s strategy. Change management requires professionals to have demanding skills such as strong visioning, communication, planning and commitment to ensure that change is implemented as planned and that the intended benefits are secured. Without resistance to change, change will proceed more smoothly and the organisation’s staff will be more willing to embrace the new ways of working or other effects of change. 

What kind of business development training do you need? 

Tieturi offers you a wide range of training courses in business development and process modelling. Our experienced professionals constantly receive positive feedback on their training, and they are constantly developing themselves to keep up to date. 

In our trainings you will learn the different steps of process management and how to link process development, measurement and monitoring to continuous service business development and service design. New and improved processes need to be clearly modelled so that they can be reproduced in a consistent manner. 

In Tieturi’s service design trainings, you will develop your service design skills and learn together with tips from other service design professionals. The trainings provide design and productisation skills, methodologies and tools to study customers in the creation and development of services. 

Check out our trainings, where you will learn about both the theory and practical tasks of business development and hear the best tips from experienced professionals. 

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