Business intelligence and data management

Collect, analyse and use information to support decision-making and improve business performance.
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Business intelligence is an essential part of the way an organization collects, analyses and uses information for decision-making and strategic planning. Data management, in turn, focuses on the collection, storage, organization and sharing of information in an effective way. 

Our business intelligence and data management training courses provide the skills and knowledge to effectively implement different knowledge management practices in an organization. Our trainings include the most effective ways to collect, analyze, effectively use different tools and systems, share, visualize and use information to support business decision making.  

Our trainings will help you develop your ability to identify and collect the right kind of data, analyze and visualize it in an understandable format, and use the results for decision making to improve your organization’s ability to effectively manage and share information. Mastering the best information management practices and tools will help your organization achieve better results, speed up decision-making and create competitive advantage through information. 

What kind of training are you looking for?

We offer a wide range of training courses in knowledge management and information management for beginners and experts alike. Would you like to learn an effective way to use the Microsoft Power BI reporting tool or perhaps create flexible and interactive data visualizations using the web based Qlik Sense tool? Or do you need more knowledge and skills in Microsoft and Oracle SQL databases or perhaps develop your knowledge of Microsoft SQL and Oracle SQL query languages? 

Microsoft Power BI – smooth and efficient reporting

With Microsoft Power BI reporting tool, you can combine data from different data sources, create consistent, real-time views and share them in an understandable format to improve your business and support more effective decision-making.  

Our training courses provide the opportunity to learn the basics and advanced features of Microsoft Power BI, which will strengthen your skills in making the most of these capabilities. You’ll also find Microsoft’s official certification training courses for advanced users. 

Qlik – interactive and visual reporting

Qlik Sense is a web-based BI tool that allows you to aggregate data from multiple sources and create flexible and interactive data visualizations and analyses. The advantage of Qlik Sense reporting tool is the flexible visualizations that make analytics easy to communicate and understand. The Qlik Sense reporting tool can be used on any device or screen, smartphone or tablet, providing unlimited and effortless access.  

In our Qlik Sense trainings, you will learn how to use Qlik Sense effectively and take advantage of its rich features for data visualization, analysis and reporting. 

Qlik Sense is the modern equivalent of QlikView. Our training portfolio also includes QlikView training courses that provide guidance and learning on data integration and loading, and data analysis using QlikView. 

Microsoft SQL – a reliable database platform

Microsoft SQL Server is Microsoft’s database platform that provides an efficient and reliable way to store, manage and access data. It enables efficient data processing, good data security and high performance to improve your organization’s data management and application performance. Microsoft Structured Query Language (SQL) allows you to manage and process comprehensive information in SQL-based databases, enabling efficient data retrieval and database management.  

Our Microsoft SQL training courses provide the basics and advanced skills of SQL language to help you achieve more efficient ways of managing databases, processing data and searching for information, and learn how to create database queries and reports.  

Oracle SQL

Oracle SQL allows you to write effectively in an Oracle management system and also provides comprehensive tools and features for database management and data manipulation. In our training courses, you will learn more about the Oracle SQL database and the SQL and Oracle PL/SQL languages.  

Microsoft Access – desktop database

Microsoft Access is an easy-to-use database program that allows you to quickly create browser-based database applications and store them in an SQL database. Microsoft Access requires no programming skills and allows you to use pre-built reporting and analysis features for data management, reporting and analysis. In our training courses, you will learn the basics of Microsoft Access and more in-depth skills in using the program.