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Marketing tools

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Do you work in marketing? Then you must know how challenging it is to make your brand and organization stand out from your competition. Marketing is constantly changing, because trends, marketing tools and platforms are constantly updated. Indeed, one of the most critical marketing tasks is to keep up with the industry and ensure that the skills in the organization are up-to-date.

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Google has become one of the most important marketing channels for any company – both organic and paid visibility are key in terms of the findability of an organization or brand. We offer courses on Google Ads and SEO. And in order to help you keep on top of what is going on on your website and improve your marketing based on this information, we also offer Google Analytics training.

With digital channels, especially social media, the importance of visual marketing has increased. High quality, customized images and layouts consistent with the brand strengthen your brand image and attract customers to your message. In order to enhance the visual side, we offer courses in InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Our experienced trainers will teach you how to manage the most crucial marketing tools and apply them in your work in the best way possible.

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