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AWS Skill Builder Individual Subscription

Elevate your cloud skills and career with AWS Skill Builder Individual subscription. Dive into a world of self-paced, interactive training designed to cover all skill levels and technical domains. Whether you're starting your cloud journey or looking to advance further, this subscription empowers you to reskill, upskill, and enhance your personal productivity.

With an emphasis on practical, hands-on experiences, the AWS Skill Builder Individual subscription grants you access to a wide array of training materials and labs. This ensures you can gain the practical experience and confidence needed to effectively apply AWS solutions in any scenario.

Training formats



365 days


415 €

Target Group

The target group includes:

  • Professionals seeking to advance their AWS Cloud skills independently.
  • Individuals looking for flexible learning options to fit their schedule.
  • Those aiming to boost their career prospects through certified AWS expertise.
  • Learners wanting to engage in self-paced, hands-on practice with AWS technologies.


The objective of the AWS Skill Builder Individual subscription is to:

  • Offer a comprehensive digital training platform for developing practical cloud skills at your own pace.
  • Support career advancement by providing resources for AWS Certification exam preparation.
  • Enable flexible learning experiences tailored to individual needs and schedules.
  • Enhance personal productivity and expertise in cloud technologies through guided, self-paced labs.

Skill Builder Individual Subscription - Description

The AWS Skill Builder Individual subscription provides:

  • Unlimited access to over 600 classes spanning 30+ technical domains and all skill levels.
  • Self-paced, interactive training modules to learn and apply cloud concepts effectively.
  • Unlimited access to 150+ AWS Builder Labs
  • Opportunities to engage with AWS Cloud Quest & AWS Jam for game-based learning and personal growth.
  • Resources and study guides to prepare for AWS Certification exams, helping validate your cloud skills and knowledge.

See also AWS Skill Builder Team Subscription: Ideal for organizations looking to enhance their team's cloud skills together. It offers all individual plan features plus customized learning paths, an administrative dashboard for tracking and assessing progress, collaborative learning to boost innovation, and content specifically designed for team learning and problem-solving.


AWS Skill Builder Individual subscriptions are priced at 27 € ($29 USD)/monthly, and 415 € ($449 USD)/annual.

The subscription is basically valid for one year and is automatically renewed one year at a time, if the subscription is not terminated.You can also order AWS Skill Builder for your use with a monthly subscription, in which case the subscription continues every month if the subscription is not terminated.