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Elements of AI for Business

Set your company up for AI breakthrough! Create a common understanding of AI in your organization to identify AI-powered business opportunities. This learning journey is built on Elements of AI, the world’s #1 online course on AI, with a million students worldwide. The participants study selected content to understand AI principles they’ll apply together as a team. We also provide you with all the needed analytics.

“But we’re not an AI company.”

Businesses can’t afford to say that anymore. If you’re not disrupting your industry with AI, your competitor will. Understanding AI is becoming increasingly essential across fields and functions.

Training formats



24 hours


799 €

Target Group

This learning journey is designed for teams in:

  • Product development
  • Business analytics and strategy
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer service
  • Internal support functions

Content in Elements of AI for Business

This course is based on learning groups and independent self-study materials. Study expert-created online content and meet in teams to share insights, complete challenges, and keep each other accountable.

Learning groups combine the convenience of online courses with the engagement of social interaction in sessions. Peer learning is ideal for applying new information to solve novel problems.

Study period 1

What is AI? self-study

  • How should we define AI?
  • Related fields
  • Philosophy of AI

Learning Group Meeting

  • Discussing first insights, group activity

Study period 2

Machine Learning, self-study

  • The types of machine learning
  • The nearest neighbor classifier
  • Regression

Neural networks, self-study

  • Neural network basics
  • How neural networks are built?
  • Advanced neural network techniques

Learning Group Meeting

  • Workshop: identify customer needs and connect them with AI megatrends

Study period 3

Implications, self-study

  • About predicting the future
  • The societal implications of AI
  • Summary

Experiment at work
Learning Group Meeting

  • Presenting experiment results


Approx four-week learning journey consisting of:

Independent online study, approx 12 hrs
Group meetings, 8.5 hrs
Experiments at work, approx. 4 hrs


A four-week learning journey including:

Curated Elements of AI content and exercises
Three 2.5-hour facilitated group meetings
Group work: creating a project plan for applying AI commercially in your company
Reporting on course progress and learning outcomes