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Spring Boot Development


Spring Framework is one of the most used frameworks in Java. Spring Boot is "an opionated way" of using Spring Framework the way Spring is most likely used in the best way.

The goal of the training is to learn the core Spring Boot functionality from scratch, to build web applications and RESTful APIs using Spring Boot. Database connections and testing are also among topics covered.



Training formats



3 days


1990 €

Target Group

We have designed the training for programmers who want a practical overview of Spring Boot

Contents of Spring Boot Development

Day 1

Quick Overview

  • Spring Framework vs Java/Jakarta EE
  • Spring Boot vs Spring Framework
  • Spring Boot Features

Spring Boot projects

  • Creating a Default Project usinf Spring Initializr
  • Default Project structure
  • Your first REST API using Spring Boot in 2 minutes

Spring Boot Components

  • Dependency Injection
  • Component Stereotypes
  • Configuring Beans

Implementing REST services

  • RestControllers
  • Controller mapping
  • Returning data
  • Handling Request parameters
  • Returning ResponseEntities
  • Handling CORS

Day 2

REST services cont'd

  • Exception handling
  • Mapping data

Testing Spring Boot applications

  • Spring Test module
  • Unit tests
  • Integration tests
  • Configuring tests
  • Mocking

Spring Web MVC

  • Dynamic web pages
  • View Templates: Thymeleaf
  • Passing data from controller to view
  • Sessions

Day 3

Database connections

  • Spring Data
  • Spring JDBC vs JDBC
  • JdbcTemplate bean
  • Using memory based databases in tests
  • Spring JPA and Hibernate
  • Repositories
  • Initializing data
  • NoSQL databases

Overview of selected additional modules

  • Spring Security
  • Scheduling
  • Actuator management services
  • Web sockets


Course begins at 9.00 and ends at 16.-16.30. Breakfast is served from 8.15 onwards.

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