Data management

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Data management

Data management and reporting have become increasingly important due to the ever-increasing amount of data. It is not enough to be able to outline data clearly: you must also be able to create visual reports easily to be able to utilize all of the available information.

Tieturi offers data management and reporting courses for beginners and experts. What type of training do you need? We offer:

Microsoft Power BI – reporting made easy

The Microsoft Power BI reporting and analysis tool helps you combine data from various sources into business information, present them as visual reports and share them with the entire organization.

Microsoft Access – desktop database

With the help of Microsoft Access, you will be able to create browser-based database applications whose information will be stored into an SQL database.

Microsoft SQL and Oracle SQL relational databases

Microsoft SQL Server is a Microsoft database entity that can be used to analyze and report on a company’s data entity smoothly.

The Microsoft SQL language, on the other hand, is a query language used to manage this data.

You will learn the Oracle SQL language and the Oracle PL/SQL language on our Oracle database courses.

Don’t forget our Microsoft Excel course.

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