Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet software and a powerful data visualisation and analysis tool.
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Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program developed by Microsoft as part of the wider Microsoft Office suite. It provides tools for entering, storing, calculating and analysing numbers, text and other data in a spreadsheet format. Excel allows you to create spreadsheets, which consist of cells where you can enter values and formulas. The program offers a wide range of functions, formulas and macros that allow you to perform complex calculations, organize data, visualize and report. 

  • Data management: Excel is designed to make it easier to manage large amounts of data. It allows you to store, organise and analyse data efficiently.  In the Excel Tips & Tricks course, you will learn the best tips for transforming data imported into Excel into a working report or analysis tool.   
  • Calculation Features. You can master the basics of calculation with Excel Basics in two hours or by self-study with the online Microsoft Excel Basics course. You can learn more about the different functions in Excel in the Excel Formulas and Functions course, where you will learn functions and formulas that make spreadsheet calculations easier.  
  • Excel has a wide range of tools to help you visualise your data in the form of graphs and charts. This can help you better understand and present your data. The Data Visualization in Excel training will walk you through different ways to create impressive visual reports using Excel’s various features.  
  • Automation and macros. In the Excel VBA Macros Basics and Excel VBA Macros Advanced course, you will learn how to speed up your work by automating frequently repeated routines with Excel VBA macros.  
  • Pivot Tables. They are particularly useful when dealing with large amounts of data. Excel Functions and Pivot After the training, you will be able to import textual data into Excel and edit the data into a format that will allow you to more easily create Pivot Tables. In the Excel Spreadsheets and Pivot Reporting course, you will learn how to manipulate different Excel spreadsheets in the most efficient way and how to create summary calculations and charts from Excel spreadsheets using the pivot tool. In a concise two-hour Excel Pivot Tables Quick Training course, you will learn how to use Excel’s Pivot Table. During this training you will learn how to create Pivot Tables and how to use them in a variety of ways. On the other hand, when you want to learn how to handle large amounts of data in a versatile and efficient way with Excel’s reporting tools, the Excel PowerPivot course is designed for you. After the course, you will be able to import data from different data sources into Excel PowerPivot and create rich Pivot reports from them. This training is also available in Swedish Excel PowerPivot på svenska.  
  • Collaboration features.   
  • Compatibility: Excel is compatible with a wide range of applications and platforms, including other Microsoft Office applications.  
  • Data analysis: Excel allows you to perform a wide range of analyses, including regression analysis, trend analysis, financial analysis and statistical analysis. 

Microsoft Excel can be used for many purposes, from basic spreadsheets to more sophisticated needs. If you’re stuck with spreadsheets, it’s time to head to training to tame Excel into the best office companion. If you’re a self-taught Excel user and want to step up your use of the program, the Excel Intensive is the training course designed just for you. Our training offerings are as varied as the reporting tool itself. See the training courses and join in!