Professio acquires Tieturi and MIF, forming Finland’s leading privately owned training and events company

Helsinki, 14.2.2024

Cor Group announced a strategic acquisition in which it acquired the entire shares of Tieturi Oy and Management Institute of Finland MIF Oy from Wetteri Plc. The deal strengthens Professio‘s training expertise and creates the basis for Finland’s leading privately owned training and event house.

When Tieturi and MIF merge with Professio, its turnover will double to 18 million euros. With the purchase, Professio’s offering will be significantly diversified, especially in the tailored training solutions, in the ICT sector and the social and health sectors training. The  new training group organizes nearly 2,000 trainings and more than 60 events every year.

Pekka Koponen, who will become the chairman of Professio’s board, emphasizes the agility of the  private training sector  and its importance as a complement to the public training sector.

“Through the transaction, Professio Group will become Finland’s leading privately owned training and event company. We strengthen the working life skills of Finns with customized  training and professional qualifications. Our event visitors are offered a flexible way to continue learning through our training offering. We will also be able to strengthen our already significant contribution to promoting artificial intelligence education”, says Koponen. Koponen’s family company, Infinit Capital Oy, becomes a significant owner of Professio Group.

“Tieturi’s and MIF’s personnel, partners and customers will now have a strong and steady home as part of Professio”, commented Pauliina Lautanen-Nissi, Vice President, Wetteri Plc with satisfaction. “It’s great to see that companies are offered the opportunity to continue their work in competence development,” Lautanen-Nissi continues.