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Automate with Ansible


This course focuses on one of the most popular IT automation tools at the moment: Ansible. Ansible is an efficient easy-to-learn general IT automation tool that enables automating almost anything. During the course, we will install Ansible and learn to write automation definitions: Ansible Playbooks.

Training formats



2 days


1550 €

Target Group

The course is created for professionals working within system administration and software development looking to automate their workflows with Ansible.


The course material assumes basic level knowledge on Linux terminal usage and SSH remote connections. Prior Python experience will help getting started with some of the topics (e.g., when conditions and advanced templating) but is not required.

Course content

Automation and Ansible:

  • Why automate?
  • What is Ansible?
  • What makes Ansible popular?
  • Ansible use-cases
  • Ansible Vocabulary
  • Ansible Galaxy

Getting started with Ansible:

  • Installing
  • Configuration
  • Inventories
  • Ad-hock commands
  • Idempotency

Modules and command line tools:

  • Ansible command line tools
  • What are modules?
  • Module usage
  • Fully Qualified Collection Name (FQCN)

Getting started with playbooks:

  • What are playbooks?
  • YAML syntax
  • Playbook keywords
  • Host patterns
  • Playbook execution strategy

Advanced playbook features:

  • Variables and facts
  • Handlers
  • Conditional execution and loops
  • Templates
  • Including and importing Ansible resources
  • Blocks and error handling
  • Roles

Managing Ansible:

  • Managing Ansible projects
  • Ansible Tower and AWX

Ansible and cloud environments

  • Ansible and Amazon Web Services

Course includes many hands-on exercises done in a Centos virtual machine based exercise environment.


Training days begin at 9 o’clock and end at about 16 o’clock.