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The Oracle SQL database language allows you to write efficiently in an Oracle management system and also provides comprehensive tools and features for database management and data manipulation. Oracle SQL is one of the most popular and widely used database systems, thanks in part to its versatile and scalable features. Oracle SQL allows companies to efficiently capture and manage data in relational databases, enabling rapid data retrieval, updates and deletions as needed.  

In our training courses, you will learn more about Oracle SQL database and the SQL and Oracle PL/SQL languages.  

Oracle 19c SQL Fundamentals Course will give you a good grounding in the Oracle relational database and SQL language. The training focuses specifically on database queries.  

Oracle 19c SQL Advanced course will deepen your knowledge of the SQL language. The training focuses on Constraints and reference sparsity. A big part of the training is also an introduction to Oracle’s practical line functions and a review of the different syntaxes.  

Oracle 19c PL/SQL Fundamentals gives you a basic understanding of how to use the Oracle PL/SQL programming language, for example on a workstation, application server or database.