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Qlik Sense is a web-based business analytics reporting tool that allows you to aggregate data from multiple sources and create flexible and interactive data visualizations and analyses to support your organization’s data analysis and decision making. The Qlik Sense reporting tool has the advantage of being easy to use, with flexible visualizations that make analytics easy to communicate and understand as you can effortlessly share reports across users and devices. The Qlik Sense reporting tool can be used on any device, screen, smartphone or tablet, providing unlimited and effortless access.  

In our Qlik Sense trainings, you will learn how to use Qlik Sense effectively and take advantage of its rich features for data visualization, analysis and reporting.  

Qlik Sense is the modern equivalent of QlikView. Our training portfolio also includes QlikView training courses that provide guidance and learning on data integration and loading, and data analysis using QlikView.  

We deliver these trainings in partnership with Climber, Europe’s largest Qlik specialist company. 

Qlik Sense Data Modelling is an ideal training for Qlik Sense application developers who are responsible for the Qlik application environment and data modelling and want to deepen their skills in these areas.  

Qlik Sense Visualization training is aimed at basic users of Qlik Sense applications and application developers. In this training you will learn the basics of Qlik Sense applications, how to create them and how to use application visualizations.  

QlikView trainings are aimed at basic users of QlikView applications and people developing these applications. Qlik Sense Visualization training teaches you the basics of Qlik Sense applications, how to create them and how to use application visualizations. After the QlikView Designer training, you will master the techniques and features of using QlikView and how to analyze data effectively.