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DevOps, a way of working more efficiently, is taking over – in 2017, roughly 74% of companies had adopted DevOps. The objective of DevOps is to automate and accelerate the process of moving software to production. DevOps is the ideal environment for agile work methods and systems.

Why invest in DevOps?

1. DevOps cuts down on development cycles and accelerates innovations by combining the work performed on development and operations.
2. DevOps reduces the number of failures in implementation, reflection and hold-off intervals: shorter development cycles support recurring code versions, which makes it easier to spot errors in code.
3. DevOps supports performance-centered and communal company culture instead of the individual, which creates better communication and cooperation leading to trust between co-workers.
4. DevOps improves competence because DevOps tasks can be automated, reducing the need for manual labor.

What type of training do you need?

Are you new to DevOps or do you already know enough about it to specialize in a specific area? Tieturi offers courses for beginners, professionals and specialists! Our skilled DevOps professionals will help you master any level thoroughly.

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