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Ensure functionality, safety and user-friendliness through testing.
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We want to help you develop as a testing professional and improve your testing skills. No matter what kind of tester you are, our training will help you develop and ensure that your testing processes are consistent and effective. 

Developing testing processes and workflows

Tietur’s popular testing coaching program provides a comprehensive training package that teaches you not only the basic principles of testing, but also the specific patterns and workflows necessary to successfully perform testing.  

TMMi focuses on changing and improving the testing and development process to focus on preventing defects rather than finding them. 

In the TMMi® Professional course, you will learn ways to identify the opportunities and benefits of the TMMi process. 

Security testing reduces vulnerabilities

Security testing plays an important role in identifying security risks in applications and systems. Security testing can help identify vulnerabilities in applications or systems that could lead to data loss or other serious problems.  

When you want to learn security testing, our web application security testing courses will teach you the most important principles and tools of security testing. You will also learn about typical vulnerabilities in web applications and how to detect them using different testing tools. 

Usability testing as part of service development

Developing a good service requires a genuine understanding of the users. UX and usability testing trainings will help you design services from a user experience perspective and guide product development to make them more user-friendly. In this course, you will learn through practical exercises the role of usability testing in designing and building user-friendly services. 

Testing in Java projects as the responsibility of a software developer

Developers should have an understanding of what testing, which is the responsibility of the application developer, can entail. For developers familiar with Java, we offer a range of crash courses on test execution in your own Java projects. 

In our Java trainings, you will learn the most common testing libraries and frameworks JUnit, Hamcrest and Mockito. Once you master JUnit or Mockito, Spring Boot testing will provide you with even more in your repertoire of good server code testing skills that are essential for Spring Boot development.