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A syllabus-based training provides knowledge on Requirements Engineering in Agile development and helps you to prepare for ”IREB CPRE RE@Agile” examination.

The Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering stands for an elaborated three level certification concept developed by IREB. It addresses to individuals working in Business Analysis, Requirements Engineering and Testing, having highest demands on their work.

The foundation level addresses the needs of all people involved in the topic of Requirements Engineering and Agile. This includes people in roles such as project or IT management, domain experts, system analysts and software developers as well as Scrum teams.

RE@Agile is inspired both by IREB’s view of Agile values as well as by an Agile view of Requirements Engineering values. Its content includes classification and assessment of Requirements Engineering artifacts and techniques in the context of Agile, of Agile artifacts and techniques in the context of Requirements Engineering, and of essential process elements in Agile product development. RE@Agile points to the motivation to use Agile in a development process. A very important topic is the synergy between Requirements Engineering and Agile: Agile Principles concerning Requirements Engineering and Agile mindset in relation to the core Requirements Engineering values.

Training formats



2 days


1990 €



Target Group

Product owners, Scrum Masters, Scrum team members, requirements engineers, business analysts, programmers, testers, quality specialists, software architects, project managers


No entry requirements.

Contents of IREB CPRE RE@Agile

Motivation and Mindsets

  • Motivation to Use Agile
  • Mindsets and Values in RE and Agile
  • Bridging RE and Agile Principles towards RE@Agile
  • Benefits, Pitfalls and Prices to Pay for the Use of RE@Agile
  • RE@Agile and Conceptual Work

Fundamentals of RE@Agile

  • Agile Methods (An Overview)
  • Scrum as an Example
  • Differences and Commonalities between Requirements Engineers and Product Owners
  • Requirements Engineering as Continuous Process
  • Value-driven Development
  • Simplicity as Essential Concept
  • Inspect and Adapt

Artefacts and Techniques in RE@Agile

  • Artefacts in RE@Agile
  • Techniques in RE@Agile

Organizational Aspects of RE@Agile

  • Influence of Organization
  • Agile IT in a non-agile Environment
  • Handling of Complex Problems by Scaling
  • Balancing Upfront and Continuous Requirements Engineering
  • Study Case, short example

IREB CPRE RE@Agile examination

  • This training prepares you for the "CPRE RE@Agile" examination. The CPRE RE@Agile test is optional.
  • IREB CPRE RE@Agile examination: 22 multiple choice questions, 40 minutes time to answer (10 minutes extra if examination language is not examinee's mother tongue), 70% points required to pass.

Training course participation is not obligatory to attend the exam, but it is recommended by IREB. You need to order the exam by yourself, see the list of certification bodies

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