AI – artificial intelligence

Tap into artificial intelligence

AI – artificial intelligence

AI is one of the hottest trends right now. Currently, the most popular form of AI is data-based artificial intelligence, which is based on machine learning and can be utilized for classification and prognoses. Existing AI can be described as narrow AI, because it can only be applied to tasks that it has been specifically created or trained for. Strong AI is considered the next stage of AI. It understands things and the connections between them in a markedly broader sense than current applications.

AI is already affecting the way we work and conduct business by facilitating the digital revolution, but who knows what will happen in the era of strong AI? In order to keep up with the changing operational environment, companies and employees must update their information and change their operational models.

Business AI for technical implementations

Have you been tasked with planning your company’s digital revolution? Are you choosing the new tools to help your company utilize AI? Or are you programming AI applications using Python?
Our training offers options for both getting a grasp of general business opportunities offered by AI and the technical utilization of AI services. Our courses include artificial neural network implementation for developers, AI programming with Python as well as general overviews of the technical basics of AI.