The TOGAF framework helps you to build, maintain and develop an effective overall architecture so that all aspects of your organization are seamlessly integrated.
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TOGAF® standard

Discover the world’s most popular architecture framework, the TOGAF® standard. Published in 2022, the TOGAF Standard, 10th Edition is the latest version of the enterprise architecture standard, kept up to date by leading experts in the field.  

The TOGAF Standard is widely used around the world and is applied across a wide range of industries, including IT, telecommunications & telecoms, finance & banking, energy & manufacturing, and public administration. The TOGAF framework is also the basis of the JHS 179 overall architecture design methodology widely used in the Finnish public administration. The TOGAF standard’s popularity stems from the fact it provides a comprehensive approach to architecture management. It is also free to adopt.  

The TOGAF framework helps you to build, maintain and develop an effective overall architecture so that all aspects of your organization are seamlessly integrated. The TOGAF standard allows you to describe and document your current and desired state, define objectives and plan a transition towards your desired future state. Using the TOGAF framework ensures that IT architecture professionals have a common set of standards, methodologies, and communication methods – so everyone speaks the same language. Together, these factors help to avoid fragmentation in the architecture and facilitate decision-making.  

At the heart of the TOGAF standard is ADM (Architecture Development Method). It is a step-by-step method to systematize architecture work. The steps described by the ADM include identifying the need for change, describing the architecture, planning the implementation, verifying the implementation, and managing the change.  

In addition to the ADM, the TOGAF framework provides many other ready-made practices, templates, recommendations, and tools that you can use to develop your architecture. One of the key benefits of the TOGAF standard is that it helps to tightly link business needs to technology solutions. Using the TOGAF framework, you can make the link to your business strategy and define the technology solutions that will help you achieve your organization’s goals.  

Using the TOGAF standard brings stability and compatibility. The framework allows you to create a coherent and standardized approach to architecture development. This facilitates the interoperability of systems and technologies, saving time, money, and resources.  

Certification to the TOGAF standard

Our TOGAF Standard courses will equip you to use the TOGAF framework effectively in your practical work. The training will give you an in-depth understanding of the concepts, methods, and tools of the TOGAF framework. This will enable you to apply the TOGAF standard in the development of your organization’s architecture and deliver tangible results. 

The Open Group offers globally recognized certifications to the TOGAF standard. The courses are officially accredited by The Open Group and prepare students for the TOGAF standard certificates. By completing the certification, you will strengthen your expert profile. Completion of the TOGAF standard certification proves your professionalism and competence in IT architecture management. It demonstrates your commitment and interest in learning about best practices in the field. It thus reinforces your credibility in the eyes of employers and customers, giving you a competitive edge in tenders, for example.  

More than 130,000 people are already TOGAF certified worldwide. Most of them have passed the TOGAF level 2 test, i.e., certified to the next level up by TOGAF Foundation. We offer training courses for certification at both Foundation (TOGAF® EA Course: Foundation) and Advanced (TOGAF® EA Course: Practitioner) level, and the popular Combined Course, which combines both, allowing certification at the highest level in one performance (TOGAF® EA Course: Combined Foundation and Practitioner). If you have already completed the TOGAF 9 Certified certification, you can upgrade your certification to the latest version of the TOGAF Standard (TOGAF Standard, 10th Edition) with the TOGAF® EA Course: Practitioner Bridge.  

Develop your overall architectural skills and learn the TOGAF framework!  

TOGAF® is a registered trademark of The Open Group.