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Microsoft SQL Server is Microsoft’s database suite that provides an efficient and reliable way to store, manage and access data. It enables efficient data processing, good security and high performance to improve your organisation’s data management and application performance. Microsoft SQL also integrates with other Microsoft products and services, including Azure cloud services, Power BI reporting tool and Azure Machine Learning. This makes it easy to move and share data between tools and enables a wide range of analytics capabilities. 

Microsoft Structured Query Language (SQL) allows you to manage and manipulate comprehensive data in SQL-based databases, enabling efficient data retrieval and database management.  

Our Microsoft SQL training courses provide the basics and advanced skills of SQL language to help you achieve more efficient ways of managing databases, processing data and searching for information, as well as learning how to create database queries and reports.  

Microsoft SQL Fundamentals training introduces you to the SQL language using Microsoft tools. After the training, you will have mastered the basics of SQL and will be able to retrieve information and respond to your company’s information needs using SQL.  

Microsoft SQL Advanced will deepen your knowledge of the SQL language using Microsoft tools. It is a natural follow-up to Microsoft SQL Fundamentals.  

DP-203: Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure. This training prepares you for the DP-203 certification exam.  

In the SSIS Integration Tool Deployment training, you will learn about SSIS implementations using Microsoft Visual Studio and SQL Server tools. In this training, you will learn how to effectively implement SSIS integration solutions. 

In Azure Synapse Analytics, you will learn how to store and analyse data using Azure Synapse Analytics. The training is very practical and includes exercises related to the topic.