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Android Developer Workshop


Android Developer Workshop covers the principles of application development for the Android platform.



Training formats



2 days


1590 €

Target Group

The course is suitable for developers who want to learn tools needed for effective Android platform application development and who want to use more advanced features of the Android platform.


Participants should have knowledge of OO with Java (or Kotlin) and basic understanding of Java runtime principles. A basic understanding of Android is preferred.

Course Content


  • Android OS and Architecture
  • Development overview: Activities, Intents, Services, Broadcast Receivers
  • Android versions and licencing
  • Android project structure

Android APP GUI Essentials

  • Android UI Fundamentals in short: Designer, layouts, resource files, localization
  • Activity class, Views, activity lifecycle, managing Activity data
  • Fragments, fragment communication, state, lifecycle and transactions


  • HTTP, consuming REST/JSON
  • Implementing networking with Volley library

Device APIs and Permissions

  • System services (e.g. Location, Sensors, Bluetooth, Network)
  • Common explicit intents (e.g. Maps, Phone, Browser)
  • Android Security and App Permission model
  • Granting and managing app permissions

Android System Components Overview

  • Intent mechanism, explicit and implicit intents, intent filters
  • Services in brief: What and where? - foreground services, bound services, background Jobs
  • Broadcast and Broadcast Receivers

The training can be delivered either in Finnish or in English.