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IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization Publishing 7 (RPE) – Introduction

This course teaches how to design and develop document templates in IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization Publishing, formally called IBM Rational Publishing Engine (RPE). Participants learn how to generate documents from templates, including data from supported applications. Modular design, reusability and formatting strategy are important topics in the course.

Training formats



8 hours


780 €

• Project support teams
• Those with a role in designing or developing reports
• System and Software Engineers

• Explain key concepts and terminology
• Explain the architecture and key components
• Create and format templates
• Generate document-style reports
• Use data schemas
• Define data sources
• Use dynamic binding for accessing data
• Create document specifications
• Use conditions for filtering data

It would be helpful to have skills or experience as below..

• An understanding of basic programming constructs
• Basic understanding about XML files and schema definitions

1. About this course
2. Key concepts and terminology
3. Product overview
4. Architecture
5. Creating templates
6. Formatting
7. Data schemas and data sources
8. Dynamic binding
9. Document specifications
10. Using conditions
11. Best practices

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