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Solution Architecture in Practise


In this training you will learn what solution architecture (SA) is, how it relates to the enterprise architecture (EA) and the benefits of using solution architecture. The training provides a practical introduction to the principles, methods and tools of solution architecture, including examples of different solution architectures. The aim of the course is to develop your skills in designing and implementing a solution architecture in practise that supports business objectives and customer needs.

Solution Architecture is defined as the architecture that describes the implementation of a development project. Solution Architecture is part of the enterprise architecture that describes the integration of an organisation's information systems, processes, data resources and business operations. The solution architecture focuses on the architecture of a single solution or service. A solution architecture may describe a change in business model, or one or more information systems to be developed. The solution architecture defines the functional, technical, quality and management requirements of the solution and how they are to be implemented. The solution architecture ensures that the solution is compatible with the enterprise architecture and that it is easy to maintain, develop and scale.

To overcome the challenges of solution architecture, it is important that the solution architect understands both business and technology perspectives, communicates effectively with different stakeholders and uses appropriate tools and methodologies to design and implement the solution.



Training formats



2 days


1590 €

Target Group

The training is aimed at professionals who are involved in the development of architecture, for example through projects (project manager) or who guide the development of solution architectures from an enterprise architecture perspective (enterprise architect).

Goal of Solution Architecture course

After the training, you will know:

  • what are the components of a solution architecture?
  • what skills are required to be a good solution architect?  
  • how does solution architecture fit into the enterprise architecture?  
  • how to develop a solution architecture, for example through a development project?
  • what does a good solution architecture involve and what are the outputs of the work?

Content of Solution Architecture training

The basis of solution architecture

  • Enterprise architecture vs. solution architecture
  • Components and layers of solution architecture
  • Components needed to deliver a solution
  • Applicable frameworks (e.g. TOGAF, JHS 179,...)

Solution Architect

  • Architects and roles in e.g. project organisation, sales support, architecture team
  • Job descriptions and roles of solution architects
  • Preparation and analysis of calls for tenders
  • Coordinating the needs of business units and IT
  • Engaging users in the business process
  • ... and other key skills

Solution architecture development

  • Solution architecture vs. projects
  • Suitability of the solution for production
  • Consideration of existing IT solutions and constraints
  • Ensuring continuity
  • Principle of continuous improvement

Description of solution architecture and deliverables 

  • Descriptions of the different architectures
  • Data models
  • Description of the business case, profitability calculations, TCO
  • Cost of inaction
  • Exploitation of existing models
  • The role of the solution architecture in tranferring the system to production
  • Tools

Solution architecture practices and experiences


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