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Data Essentials




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What is data, where does it come from, how is it stored and what is it used for? Data touches every part of our lives and yet we often do not know it is there, what the data is, where it came from, or how we use it.

This course is designed to provide you with an essential understanding of data from generation to use. It is a first step towards increasing data awareness and confidence. The course is a starting point for data literacy learning and beyond.

Target Learner

Anyone from any sector who needs to start a journey towards a data-driven role and has no formal data training.

  • Recognise where and how data can be generated
  • Understand the principles of data types and storage
  • Identify how data can be used
  • Consider data governance and ethics
  • Gain an understanding of roles that use or are impacted by data

There are no formal prerequisites for the course. You just need to have a desire to take your first steps towards working more effectively with data.

Module 1: What is data?

  • What data are you conscious of generating?
  • Why is data important?
  • Different types of data
    • Structured
    • Semi-structured
    • Unstructured

Module 2: Data generation

  • Data generated by you
  • Data generated by an organisation
  • External data generation

Module 3: Data storage

  • Type of storage
  • Data management
  • The data lifecycle
  • Governance and ethics
  • Data quality metrics

Module 4: What is data used for?

  • Given your current role what data are you using to make decisions?
  • Data-driven decisions
  • Data storytelling overview
  • AI and automation

Module 5: Who uses data?

  • Organisational roles
  • Data Roles