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Data Protection Administration

This intermediate course introduces key concepts and techniques for protecting data on NetApp® ONTAP based storage systems. ; You learn about the data protection solutions that are integrated in ONTAP software. You also learn about tools to manage ONTAP data protection features. ;


In the hands-on exercises, you use NetApp ONTAP System Manager and the ONTAP CLI to perform key data protection tasks. ; This course is updated for ONTAP 9.12.1 software.




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NetApp Administrators, Architects and Operators

• Describe and distinguish the data protection features in ONTAP software
• Administer the appropriate ONTAP data protection feature to address your data protection concern
• Configure NetApp SnapMirror® relationships for disaster recovery and data backup
• Demonstrate SVM DR
• Illustrate NDMP-enabled operations to back up NAS data to tape
• Integrate the cloud-based data protection solutions that complement your ONTAP based storage systems
• Structure NetApp MetroCluster™ components and functionality
• Illustrate NetApp SnapMirror Business Continuity components and functionality

The Cluster Administration class as below should be taken as a pre-requisite..


OT-CLU-A - ONTAP Cluster Administration


In addition the ONTAP ;Data Protection, NAS and SAN Fundamentals ;elearning classes accessed FOC via the NetApp Learning Center should be undertaken. ; Please contact us via the link below for support as required..


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Module 0: Welcome and Getting Started

• Data protection introduction
• ONTAP data protection solutions
• ONTAP management solutions


Checking the exercise equipment


Module 1: SnapMirror Fundamentals

• SnapMirror overview
• Configuring SnapMirror relationships
• Guidelines for intercluster networking
• Cluster and storage VM peering


Configuring cluster peering and storage VM peering


Module 2: SnapMirror for Disaster Recovery and Backup

• SnapMirror for FlexVol volumes
• SnapMirror configuration considerations
• SnapMirror for disaster recovery
• SnapMirror for backup
• Interaction between SnapMirror and other ONTAP features
• S3 SnapMirror
• FabricPool


• Using SnapMirror to mirror FlexVol volumes
• Performing SnapMirror disaster recovery
• Configuring SnapMirror for unified replication
• Restoring data from a Snapshot copy
• Configuring cluster and storage VM peering for a cascade relationship (optional)
• Configuring a cascade relationship(optional)


Module 3: SnapMirror Synchronous for Disaster Recovery

• SnapMirror Synchronous
• Configuring SnapMirror Synchronous for disaster recovery
• Additional SnapMirror Synchronous configuration


Configuring a SnapMirror Synchronous relationship


Module 4: Storage VM Disaster Recovery (SVM DR)

• SVM DR introduction
• SVM DR requirements and configuration
• SVM data mobility


Configuring storage VM data recovery


Module 5: ONTAP Backup and Archive Solutions

• NDMP fundamentals
• NDMP topologies
• NDMP management


Module 6: Cloud-based Data Protection

• SnapMirror Cloud
• Cloud Volumes ONTAP
• Data protection with NetApp BlueXP


Module 7: ONTAP Business Continuity Solutions

• MetroCluster fundamentals
• MetroCluster operations
• Consistency group management
• SnapMirror Business Continuity introduction
• SnapMirror Business Continuity configuration
• Failover operations and failure scenarios

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