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Essentials for PMO Administrators




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The number of organisations that are using and seeing the benefits of a PMO has grown dramatically in the last decade. Currently over 95% of organisations with a revenue > £700M have an established PMO*.

The House of PMO is a professional body for people working in a PMO that allows them to develop their skills and their PMO community.

This “Essentials for PMO Administrators” course is an entry-level introduction to the role of a delivery member of the PMO, defined as an Administrator. The course will cover the key aspects of working in a PMO, including an overview of project and programme management.

The course includes:

  • Project and programme principles and terminology
  • The key roles in a PMO
  • The skills, knowledge and behaviour necessary to be a PMO administrator

*House of PMO, 2017.

A candidate will understand the role of the PMO Administrator and the context within which the PMO Administrator works. Specifically:

  • P3M and PMO in context
  • The four key roles within a PMO
  • The competences required to successfully undertake the role of a PMO Administrator

This course Essentials is suitable for complete beginners and those currently in support roles within a PMO (for example Project Administrators, Project Co-ordinator and Project Support Officers). Also suitable for aspiring Project Managers with minimal project management knowledge.

No pre-course reading is required for this course.

This is a three day course, including the exam, which includes:

The PMO in Context, including:

  • Characteristics of projects (Waterfall and Agile)
  • Project and programme lifecycle phases
  • Key documentation
  • Services of a PMO

PMO Roles

  • The four key roles in a PMO
  • The key skills, knowledge and behaviours of a PMO administrator

P3M Administration

  • Details of the key skills of a PMO administrator

P3M Delivery Support skills

  • Delivering the PMO as a service

P3M Delivery Support – Specialist skills

  • Risk management
  • Issue management
  • Information management
  • Change control
  • Financial management
  • Reporting, insights and analysis

Exam format

The exam is taken on the afternoon of the last day of the course. Some details about the examination:

  • 60 multiple choice questions
  • 45 minute duration
  • Closed-book
  • 50% pass mark (30 marks out of 60)

Photographic identification is required to sit your exam. Examples include:

  • Driving licence
  • Passport
  • Work Badge

You are required to show the invigilator your photographic identification – failure to do so will mean you will not be allowed to sit your exam.