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ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management




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Target Group

Please note if you started your ILM level 3 before January 2024, see here for the relevant information.

Why invest in the ILM level 3 qualification?

As a learner, you will sense that becoming more of a leader, even at an early stage in your career, benefits your career development, because it is what modern organisations need. McKinsey notes that organisations need to give power to people, make way for AI, stabilise hybrid working, actively engage in talent attrition and attraction, and integrate capability across divides.

Staying up with these modern workplace demands is helped if you are motivated to learn through a well-regarded qualification that affords purpose and structure. It helps you step back from the everyday routine to work on your career development aligned to modern needs. Your resilience improves alongside career satisfaction, empowerment, and influence. Working is tough. This ILM qualification future proofs your professional capability, as being prepared for modern challenges puts you at a distinct advantage.

The programme equips you with an approach to personal development that enables you to align your career with the evolving landscape of your organization amidst technological disruptions. Networking opportunities within the program reveal shared challenges among peers, offering inspiration and valuable insights into tackling these challenges.

By understanding the similarities and differences in how contexts shape your approaches and those of your peers, you gain a unique perspective. This qualification is your gateway to a career where leading is less of an unknown and more of an empowering journey.

We invite you to embark on this transformative journey, discovering new possibilities and unlocking your leadership potential.

As the employer investing in your staff, you can rest assured of the quality of the provision an ILM qualification provides. Drawing on our extensive experience with thousands of learners, we are acutely aware of the challenges posed by the digital and modern age. Leveraging this expertise, we ensure that the transfer of learning is intricately tailored to address your business challenges and aspirations, leaving no room for chance in maximizing the value of the learning to your organisation

Our teaching and learning strategy on our ILM courses distinguishes itself from others through a keen focus on aligning personal development with the business agenda. This alignment is explicitly geared towards cultivating skills fit for the demands of modern working environments. It considers the emotions of navigating change through transformative periods. Furthermore, we emphasise the cultivation of a mindset of continual learning, beyond the qualification, which serves as a role model for the integral role of learning in modern performance.

Entrust QA with the development of your workforce, and witness the relevance of our ILM qualifications in shaping competent leaders for the challenges of the digital and modern business landscape.


Your own/the learner’s performance will be enabled by:

  • A greater confidence in their leadership as an approach to empowerment, influence, and resilience.
  • Approaches to leading that are sensitive to peers, team members, other leaders, and diversity.
  • A modern take on motivation in environments that are uncertain, fragile and hybrid working,
  • Tighter and more dynamic connections between leading and organisational performance.

The organisation’s performance will be improved by:

  • Staff more able and willing to embrace leadership.
  • Improved motivation through modern leadership of teams.
  • A contribution to overall organisational resilience through proactive leadership.
  • The curiosity to improve performance through attending to self and others.


The programme is designed for those who aspire to leadership and who might already have elements of it in their approach to work or role. Those needing and/or wishing to accelerate their leadership potential, to embrace the challenges of modernising their organisation, benefit from this qualification.

The two modules required for the award in Leadership and Management are carefully chosen. Both are aligned to using leadership to lean into modern challenges.

Course Content

The programme should take 7 months, consisting of three days facilitative workshop and two days of assignment workshops, covering two modules, Unit 308 Understanding Leadership and Unit 341 Leading and Motivating a Team Effectively, and two assignments. It is strongly advised that learners complete in no more than a further 2 months (creating a total of 9 months) as otherwise the ability and motivation to complete the assignments wanes, as does their relevance.