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Mastering SharePoint Online Fundamentals

The goal of this course is to provide you with the knowledge required as an end-user of Microsoft SharePoint Online. The course emphasises hands-on experience, with a series of self-guided exercises integrated into the training.
You will discover and understand what SharePoint is and how to access it from a browser or from Office.
You will learn how to use SharePoint to collaborate within a team, organise and manage documents, events, tasks and other items. You will use the tools provided to search for information and people, find documents and open them from Microsoft Office applications and Office Online.
This course is designed for users who are new or have basic skills with SharePoint. Although users will be given an insight into SharePoint the equivalent of a SharePoint Site member, they will be shown how to create certain objects to appreciate how they work.




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This one-day course is designed to provide end users with a comprehensive introduction to SharePoint Online, Microsoft's powerful collaboration platform. Participants will gain a solid understanding of SharePoint components, site roles, and essential functionalities for effective document management and team collaboration. Through hands-on exercises and practical examples, attendees will learn how to work with lists and libraries, add columns, create views, and navigate the key features of SharePoint Online.

You will discover and understand:

  • What SharePoint is and how it fits into Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365.
  • Key benefits of SharePoint.
  • What is a SharePoint Site and what is the difference between a Team Site and a Communication Site.
  • SharePoint Document Libraries and Microsoft Lists.
  • SharePoint Document features including versioning, metadata and co-authoring.
  • SharePoint Pages, News, Events and Spaces.
  • Extended SharePoint functionality via apps.
  • SharePoint permissions and sharing with people inside and outside the organisation.
  • Microsoft Search to discover information within SharePoint and across Microsoft 365.

This course is designed for users who are new to, or have basic skills with, SharePoint and want to understand SharePoint and be able to use SharePoint.

If you want to learn End User Site Administration to create, configure and manage sites you should look at the Mastering SharePoint Site Administration – QASPOSA course.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand SharePoint and how SharePoint can help you, your team and your organisation in a collaborative working environment.
  • Understand SharePoint and relationships to other Office 365/Microsoft 365 products including Microsoft Teams.
  • Understand Sites and differences between Communication and Team sites.
  • Understand Site components including:
    • Pages
    • Navigation
    • Lists
    • Libraries
    • Spaces
  • Work with documents inside SharePoint including metadata and co-authoring.
  • SharePoint sharing inside and outside the organisation.
  • Search and discovery of content within SharePoint and Office 365.
  • SharePoint site settings and next steps.


  • A basic understanding of Windows 7 or higher.
  • Experience using Internet Explorer 11 or equivalent browser.
  • Fundamental experience with Office 365 is recommended, including login and navigation around the service.
  • A basic knowledge of Office applications (Word, Excel, Outlook).

Please Note: If you attend a course and do not meet the prerequisites, you may be asked to leave.

A dual monitor setup is required when attending this course via the QA Attend from Anywhere or Virtual Classroom delivery methods.

Learners attending via Virtual Classroom or Attend From Anywhere events will need to use remotely hosted computers and/or InPrivate/Incognito/Google Guest/Microsoft Edge Guest browsing mode to access our SharePoint environment.

Before you book, check that you meet the Cisco WebEx system requirements and run a test meeting to ensure the software is compatible with your firewall settings and ensure that you have passed all pre-course tests. If you have any questions, contact our Virtual team. Learn more about our Virtual Classrooms.

Course Content

Please note that due to the dynamic nature of Office 365/Microsoft 365 some content may change without notice.

Module 1: Introduction to SharePoint Online

  • Overview of SharePoint Online
  • Key Features and Benefits
  • Understanding and Exploring SharePoint Navigation and Components: sites, libraries, lists, and pages and spaces
  • Understanding site roles and permissions
  • Guided Activities and Hands-On Exercises

Module 2: Working with Lists Apps

  • Understanding SharePoint Lists
  • Adding, Editing, Deleting and Restoring List Items
  • Sorting, Filtering and Grouping Data
  • Guided Activities and Hands-On Exercises

Module 3: Working with Library Apps

  • Understanding SharePoint Library apps
  • Adding, Editing, Deleting and Restoring Documents
  • Sorting, Filtering and Grouping Documents
  • Link to Document
  • Adding and Modifying Columns
  • Guided Activities and Hands-On Exercises

Module 4 – Create and Manage Views

  • Introduction to Views
  • Creating Personal and Public Views
  • Customizing View Settings
  • Guided Activities and Hands-On Exercises

Module 5: Manage Content

  • Implementing Alerts and Notifications
  • Live Co-Authoring
  • Check-In/Check-Out Functionality
  • Understanding and Implementing Document Versioning
  • Basic Search Functionality
  • Guided Activities and Hands-On Exercises

Module 6: Microsoft Teams Integration with SharePoint and OneDrive

  • Overview of Microsoft Teams
  • Integrating Teams with SharePoint
  • Integrating Teams with OneDrive
  • Collaborative Features and Best Practices
  • Guided Activities and Hands-On Exercises