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Power BI Data Visualisation




2 päivää


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This two day practical event will introduce delegates to the key principles and best practices of reports and data visualisations with Power BI Desktop. Delegates will appreciate what makes good, and bad, representation of data. Throughout the event, delegates will learn how to use most appropriate visuals for their audience.

This course focuses on the best practice of Power BI reports / dashboards and the courses is taught using examples and labs in PowerBI desktop.

Delegates should have a background Power BI desktop creating reports and dashboards.

Each module includes exercises which are designed for a group to interact and exchange views.

Existing report review

  • This module includes:
    • Reviewing some example reports and suggesting issues
    • Providing alternative designs

Understanding Requirements

  • This module includes:
    • Reviewing the requirements of a dashboard recipient
    • Storyboarding the dashboard
    • Listing the importance of each piece of content

Common Mistakes

  • This module includes common problems encountered by dashboard designers
  • These include:
    • Exceeding the boundaries of a single screen
    • Inadequate context
    • Excessive detail
    • Poorly designed media
    • Inaccurate quantitative data display
    • Ineffectual highlighting
    • Misuse of colour


  • This module includes good practices when design reports to present the recipients with a useable, easy to understand and process dashboards.
    • Grouping and continuity
    • Closures and connections
    • Patternicity
    • Comparing metrics of different scales
    • Storytelling


  • This module includes the use of colour within your dashboards
    • Colour
    • Colour combinations
    • Colour vision deficiency


  • This module includes the use of fonts and typography within your dashboards
    • User perception and attitude
    • Differing fonts
    • Single fonts

Appendix: Charts and Graphs

  • This module includes the use of charts within your reports
    • Graph Overview
    • Number of measures / variables
    • General formatting
    • Graph (Bar, Column, Area, Ribbon, Histogram)
    • Line
    • Area (Pie, Doughnut, Treemap/Mosaic)
    • Slope
    • Point (Scatter, Bubble)
    • Waterfall
    • Box plot
    • Bullet chart
    • Violins
    • Stripchart
    • Maps