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Protecting SQL Server

This course covers the deployment of the SnapCenter Plug-in for Microsoft SQL Server. In this course, you learn about the features of the plug-in and how to install and perform initial configuration of the plug-in. You learn how to protect, clone, and restore Microsoft SQL Server databases by using SnapCenter software. Through instructor-led presentations, you gain knowledge about these topics. Hands-on exercises provide you with experience in performing these tasks.




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  • NetApp and NetApp Partner Professional Services
  • Systems Engineers
  • NetApp Customers

  • Describe the features of the Microsoft SQL Server Plug-in
  • List the workflow for using SnapCenter software to protect Microsoft SQL Server databases
  • Explain how SnapCenter software uses NetApp technology to protect SQL Server databases
  • Illustrate the recommended NetApp storage layouts to support SQL Server data
  • Describe data protection strategies for SQL Server databases by using SnapCenter software
  • Demonstrate how to configure and perform SQL Server database backups by using SnapCenter software
  • Demonstrate SQL Server database restores that use SnapCenter software
  • Describe cloning strategies that use SnapCenter software and NetApp technology
  • Build alerting and reporting operations for Plug-in for SQL Server

The following 5 day instructor led class is required..


OT-CLU-DPA - ONTAP Cluster Administration and Data Protection


In addition to the following 3 day instructor led class..


SNAP-C-ADM - NetApp SnapCenter Administration


The SnapCenter Fundamentals free of charge elearning is also required which can be accessed directly from the NetApp Learning Centre. ; Please contact us for further help as required


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Module 1: SnapCenter Plug-In for Microsoft SQL Server Overview

  • Features
  • MS SQL server data protection workflow

Module 2: Getting Started with the SnapCenter Plug-In for MS SQL Server

  • Prerequisite tasks for using the Plug-In
  • Installation steps for the Plug-in
  • Plug-in configuration
  • Storage layout recommendations and restrictions
  • Storage design for a virtualized environment
  • ;

    Module 3: Data Migration

    • Resource wizard
    • Importing from SnapManager software
    • ;

      Module 4: Creating and Backing up SQL Server Resources

      • Data protection strategy
      • Backing up SQL server databases
      • ;

        Module 5: Restoring SQL Server Resources

        • Defining a restore strategy
        • Restoring SQL server databases
        • ;

          Module 6: Cloning SQL Server Databases

          • Defining a cloning strategy
          • Cloning a SQL server database backup
          • Splitting a SQL server cloned database
          • Clone lifecycle management
          • ;

            Module 7: Monitoring and Managing SQL Server Operations

            • Monitoring operations
            • Canceling a database backup operation
            • Monitoring and managing a thin-provisioned environment
            • Setting thresholds, alerts and reports
            • ;


              • Configuring SnapCenter and install plug-ins for MS SQL Server
              • Migrating databases
              • Protecting a MS SQL server database
              • Restoring a MS SQL server database
              • Cloning a MS SQL server database
              • Performing management and monitoring tasks by using SnapCenter software and NetApp ONTAP system manager
              • ;

                Appendix A - Challenge labs:

                • Migrating a database from existing volume to a new volume
                • Configuring backup and replication for the newly migrated database
                • Configuring a clone lifecycle for the development team
                • Performing a point-in-time restore to remove database corruption
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