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StorageGRID Administration

This course is a comprehensive analysis of NetApp® StorageGRID® administration.Perform hands-on exercises to configure a newly installed StorageGRID system into a fully operational object storage system. ; Learn how to integrate the StorageGRID systems with Simple Storage Services (S3) client applications and public cloud services. ; This course builds on the concepts in the StorageGRID Fundamentals Web Based Training and is complementary to Installing StorageGRID.




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Adrministrators and Operators

This course focuses on enabling you to do the following:


  • Use the StorageGRID Grid Manager to monitor and manage a StorageGRID object-based storage solution
  • Create and manage storage tenant accounts, groups, and users
  • Configure information lifecycle management (ILM) rules and policies
  • Configure the StorageGRID Gateway Nodes for client access
  • Manage Simple Storage Service (S3) buckets and objects
  • Monitor StorageGRID system activity
  • Perform grid maintenance tasks
  • Integrate the StorageGRID solution into your hybrid multi-cloud environment

The Web Based Training course ;StorageGRID Webscale Fundamentals ;is recommended. ; ;This is ;free of charge and provided by NetApp.


For further support, please complete the information on the link below and a member of the Arrow NetApp team will be in contact to support you.


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Module 0: Welcome

  • Introductions
  • About the StorageGRID curriculum
  • Course agenda

Module 1: StorageGRID Components and Services

  • StorageGRID components
  • StorageGRID networks
  • StorageGRID network topologies

Module 2: StorageGRID management

  • Grid manager
  • StorageGRID Configuration options
  • StorageGRID Administrators
  • Securing Access to StorageGRID
  • StorageGRID Management API

Module 3: Storage Tenant Administration

  • Tenant Accounts
  • Tenant Manager
  • Tenant Access Control
  • StorageGRID tenant API

Module 4: Information Lifecycle Management

  • ILM Policies and Rules
  • Storage pools, Storage Grades and Regions
  • Configuring ILM policies

Module 5: Managing Client Connections

  • VLAN Interfaces
  • High-availability groups
  • Load balancer endpoints
  • Traffic classification

Module 6: S3 bucket administration

  • Virtual hosted-style identifiers
  • Bucket access control
  • S3 bucket configuration options
  • Client stored object options
  • Platform services

Module 7: Monitoring the StorageGRID system

  • Alerts
  • Audit log
  • SNMP
  • Node Services
  • Reporting

Module 8: StorageGRID maintenance

  • StorageGRID AutoSupport
  • Managing StorageGRID services
  • Maintenance procedures
  • StorageGRID software upgrades

Module 9: Integrating a StorageGRID system

  • NetApp ;FabricPool
  • ONTAP backup ;to Cloud
  • BlueXP copy and sync services
  • BlueXP back up and recovery system

Module 10: Closing

  • Course Summary
  • Resources
  • Hands-on exercises


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