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Supporting and Troubleshooting macOS




5 päivää


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This 5-days, hands on course will provide learners with an in-depth exploration of the Apple operating system - macOS. Using a mixture of trainer-led presentations and hands-on exercises, learners will set their computers up from scratch; configure settings and explore the latest features; and learn how to troubleshoot and resolve problems.

  • Install, deploy and configure macOS
  • How to manage differ user accounts in macOS
  • Understand and configure built-in security features
  • Managing the macOS file systems
  • Configure and troubleshoot macOS networking
  • How to manage macOS with Mobile Device Management solutions
  • Installing and troubleshooting applications
  • macOS peripheral management
  • Manage and troubleshoot the boot process

Some knowledge of macOS would be ideal but not necessary.

Installing, deploying and configuring macOS

  • Installing macOS on a new Mac
  • Deployment options for macOS
  • Using internet recovery to rebuild a Mac
  • Reinstall macOS from installer app
  • Using beta versions of macOS via Apple Seed for IT
  • Understanding System Preferences on macOS
  • Configuring macOS Content Caching

Managing users

  • Understanding macOS user types
  • Creating local Admin users
  • Creating local Standard users
  • Resetting local passwords
  • Binding macOS to Microsoft Active Directory
  • Logging on with network user accounts
  • Authenticating to Microsoft Azure Active Directory

macOS security

  • Understanding macOS Keychain
  • macOS Permissions
  • Using macOS Find My options
  • Managing Activation Lock

macOS file systems

  • Understanding Apple File System (APFS)
  • Managing macOS File Vault
  • Managing external volumes

Managing and troubleshooting network configurations

  • Configuring macOS network settings
  • Using Terminal commands to manage network configurations
  • Troubleshooting macOS network issues

Managing macOS with Mobile Device Management

  • Understanding the role of Mobile Devices Management in macOS
  • Installing Profiles for device management
  • Troubleshooting device enrolment issues

Installing and troubleshooting apps

  • Installing apps from the App Store
  • Understanding Rosetta Stone 2 role in running Intel Apps
  • Installing Intel apps on a Mac with Apple silicon
  • Installing iOS/iPadOS apps on a mac with Apple silicon
  • Troubleshooting apps on macOS

Peripheral management

  • Understanding System Extensions
  • Using Activity Monitor to troubleshoot apps

Troubleshooting the macOS boot process

  • Understanding the Intel Mac boot process
  • Understanding the Apple silicon boot process
  • Troubleshooting boot issues