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TAP Creating Workflow Learning


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The world of work is faster paced than ever before. There's so much going on that people can't remember everything and it's harder than ever to find the time to attend formal training courses.

Learning in the workflow means that people do not have to step away from their work to learn. Instead, they 'pull' the learning or support that they need and use it inside their work. Organisations are increasingly turning to workflow learning to provide high quality resources to help improve and support performance and get a better return on their L&D investment.

Now, more than ever, it's essential for your L&D function to be able to provide solutions that employees can use to support and improve their performance without leaving their workspace.

Target Audience

This course is for L&D heads, business partners, consultants, and designers who want to provide relevant and effective workflow-based learning.

Participants will be able to:

  • Make the case for adopting workflow learning
  • Implement an agile approach to developing just-in-time learning and support resources
  • Produce a performance support resource
  • Produce a piece of ‘just-in-time’ learning
  • Explain how they would implement, curate, evaluate and maintain workflow learning resources


Participants will provide documented evidence of how they have applied their learning to their work.

Part 1: Getting started (online activities) Before the workshop, participants will:
  • Read the brief for the ‘apply’ phase of the learning
  • Establish their goals for the course
  • Decide on a workflow learning project to work on in the course and in the 'apply' phase and agree it with their line manager
Part 2: Three-day workshop Day one: Foundations of workflow learning
  • Why workflow learning matters
  • Using an agile development approach
  • Analysing the need and building the concept
  • Designing the user experience
  • Choosing delivery media
Day two: Creating a performance support resource
  • Production tools and platforms
  • Planning performance support
  • Understanding prototypes and testing
  • Producing a prototype performance support resource
  • Showcasing and testing the performance support prototype and feedback
Day three: Developing just-in-time learning
  • How to build a just in time learning asset
  • Produce a prototype just in time learning asset
  • Showcase and testing the just-in-time learning prototype and feedback
  • Implementing, curating, evaluating and maintaining workflow learning
  • Workshop wrap up and next steps
Part three: Applying the learning at work
  • Participants will have up to two months to further develop both prototypes for real-world implementation at work
  • They will document the process using a template we provide
  • The project work will be signed-off by their line manager and submitted to TAP for checking