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TAP: eLearning Design




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Target Group

This course will help L&D professionals, with experience of designing or developing other forms of learning, apply their skills to designing eLearning modules. The course will cover how to add the important human element into online learning and how to create both engaging and effective content.

The course comprises five 2-hour virtual sessions spread over five weeks, with coursework between sessions.

Target Audience

This course is designed for anyone who is new to eLearning design and development, or for those who already have some experience of designing or developing other forms of learning and are looking to additionally take-on eLearning design.


Objective and assessment

Participants will create a detailed storyboard for an eLearning module of their choice to meet the criteria of the TAP eLearning Design Checklist.

Course Content

Part 1: Getting started (pre-requisites)

Before the workshop, there is an important pre-course preparation document which will be marked as a milestone within QA’s online platform. As part of their pre-course preparation, delegates will have to:

  • Read the learning log and establish their goals for the course.
  • Agree upon a work-based learning project with their line manager to work on and after the course.

Part 2: Five-day workshop

Week one: Overview and Learning Objectives

This week includes:

  • Tutor-led online session: 2 hours.
    • Discussion on the drivers for digital transformation and demand-driven learning impacting digital design.
    • Writing learning objectives.
  • Assignment one - choose a topic for your eLearning project and write your learning objective.

Week two: Creative Design

This week includes:

  • Tutor-led online session: 2 hours.
    • Effective learning design to include ‘think and do’ activities to keep a learner’s attention.
    • Ideas for designing eye-catching graphics.
  • Assignment two – complete the design overview and design your Welcome slide for your eLearning project.

Week three: Storyboarding

This week includes:

  • Tutor-led online session: 2 hours.
    • What details are included in a storyboard?
    • Why create a prototype?
    • Different formats for creating a storyboard.
    • Balancing information slides with interactive slides.
    • Four steps for writing great scenarios.
    • Mini showcase of your Welcome slides.
  • Assignment three - storyboard your eLearning project.

Week four: Production Tools

This week includes:

  • Tutor-led online session: 2 hours.
    • Discussion on the main eLearning authoring tools available.
    • Discussion on audio, video recording, and editing.
    • Optional demo of Articulate Storyline.

Week five: Implementation and Evaluation

This week includes:

  • Tutor-led online session: 2 hours.
    • Discussion on Alpha and Beta testing, quality assurance, Agile working and evaluation.
    • Course close.

Part three: Applying the learning at work.

  • Participants will have up to two months to further develop their skills, knowledge, and behaviours within the areas learnt.
  • Participants will document their actions using a provided template giving them the opportunity to reflect, plan, and discuss next steps with their managers/organisations.

Obtaining a digital badge

Once the following steps have been undertaken, a digital badge will be awarded:

  • Completion of the learning within the course.
  • Application of the learning in the workplace within two months of the course.
  • Evidence of reflection and action planning within the learning log.
  • Declaration of implementation of actions signed by them and line manager and submitted.

If nine or more days of TAP Training have been completed and digital badges have been awarded, participants can claim their TAP Excellence badge by writing to: