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TAP: Learning Needs Analysis




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Target Group

This course offers a structured approach to identifying learning needs to ensure the most appropriate intervention is designed. Accurately recognising learning and the business needs enables solutions to address performance gaps between what a target group currently knows or does and what the organisation requires it to know or do.

The course will work through the ten-step TAP Learning Needs Analysis Process, building upon the preliminary discussion with the sponsor requesting the learning through to making recommendations for a learning solution.

Target Audience

This course is designed for anyone who is required to undertake a learning needs analysis of organisational and learners’ needs as a part of their role.



Participants will be able to plan the analysis of your project following the ten-step TAP Learning Needs Analysis Process using the templates to guide you.


During the course, participants will plan a learning needs analysis for a work-based project. Achievement will by the verification of submitted templates mapped to the ten-step TAP Learning Needs Analysis Process.

After the course, participants will provide documented evidence of how they have applied their learning to their work.

Course Content

Part 1: Getting started (pre-requisites)

Before the workshop, there is an important pre-course preparation document, which will be marked as a milestone within QA’s online platform. The participants will have to:

  • read the learning log and establish their goals for the course.
  • agree upon a work-based learning project with their line manager to work on and after the course.
  • complete the Scoping template for agreed learning project.

Part two: Two-day workshop

Day one:

  • Introduction to the analysis process
  • Scope the project
  • Plan for evaluation
  • Write project aim
  • Gather information

Day two:

  • Analyse the content
  • Write outcomes
  • Select delivery options
  • Analyse environments
  • Estimate costs
  • Make recommendations

Part three: Applying the learning at work

  • Participants will have up to two months to further develop their skills, knowledge and behaviours within the areas learnt.
  • They will document their actions using a template we provide giving them the opportunity to reflect, plan and discuss next steps with their managers/organisations.

Obtaining a digital badge

Once the following has been undertaken, a digital badge will be awarded:

  • Completion of the learning within the course.
  • Application of the learning in the workplace within two months of the course.
  • Evidence of reflection and action planning within the learning log.
  • Declaration of implementation of actions signed by them and line manager and submitted.

If nine or more days of TAP Training have been completed and digital badges have been awarded, a TAP Excellence badge can be claimed by writing to