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Using Astra Trident with Kubernetes

In this course, you learn how to install, configure, and use NetApp® Astra Trident™ to manage Kubernetes with NetApp ONTAP® storage. You deploy Astra Trident by using the Trident operator and use the tridentctl and kubectl methods of managing configurations. You configure NFS-backed and iSCSI-backed storage by using Astra Trident and manage Snapshot™ copies, expand volumes, and import non-Astra Trident volumes to become managed volumes. You deploy Astra Trident in a multiple container storage interface (CSI) environment. Written for Kubernetes v1.23.0 and Astra Trident 22.01, this course includes an appendix on how to monitor Astra Trident.




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  • Systems Administrator
  • Systems Architect
  • Systems Operator
  • Integration Engineer

  • Review how containers use persistent storage
  • Describe the storage concepts that are available in Kubernetes
  • Explain how Astra Trident makes managing persistent storage easier
  • Install Astra Trident in a Kubernetes cluster
  • Configure back ends, storage classes, and persistent volumes to use Astra Trident-managed storage
  • Use Astra Trident to manage common use scenarios
  • Monitor Astra Trident by using Prometheus and Grafana

Kubernetes Administration knowledge/experience is required in addition to the 3 day course below..


OT-CLU-A - Cluster Administration

Module 1: Kubernetes storage overview
Persistent storage in Kubernetes
Container storage
Kubernetes storage concepts
Dynamic provisioning with Astra Trident

Module 2: Astra Trident Installation
Astra Trident details
Astra Trident installation

Module 3: Astra Trident configuration
Configure back ends
Manage storage classes
Persistent volumes using Astra Trident

Module 4: Managing Storage with Astra Trident
Manage Snapshot copies with Astra Trident
Expand volumes by using Astra Trident
Import volumes by using Astra Trident
Manage multiple-zone storage by using Astra Trident

Appendix 1: Kubernetes-related certifications
Cloud Native Computing Foundation exams
NetApp Kubernetes-related exams

Appendix 2: An introduction to operators
Design patterns for extending Kubernetes
Example operator implementation

Appendix 3: Astra Trident monitoring
Available options for monitoring Astra Trident
Monitor Astra Trident with Prometheus

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