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A Little Bit of Background

Cyber crime can be divided into two categories: Crimes that target computers directly such as viruses, attacks and malware; and online crime that uses computer networks or devices as means to perform fraud and identity theft through social engineering as well as cyber bullying, cyber stalking and cyber warfare.

Currently, companies in the United States experience an annual loss of more than 525 million US dollars due to cyber crime. The majority of these losses are due to malicious code and denial of service attacks.

People tend to believe that working with an Security Expert, after producing the different apps… will allow them to live happily ever after while staying away from Cyber Crime. They could not be more wrong!

Prevention through Education and Training

Let me put it this way. Picture yourself as MD of a logistics company. Would you put unlicensed drivers in front of the stirring wheel of your trucks? The answer is NO.
Were you to run a Hospital, Would you let a GP practice an open-heart surgery on a patient? The answer is NO.
Those are of course extreme cases, but not so far by software engineering best practices. Cyber threats are all around. The way we see it, companies around the world face two choices.
Option A: They live on the so called “Never happened to me before, Cannot foresee it happening to me ever!” statement. Well… this is very, very close to gambling! It might be true, it is likely not to be. Cyber Crime is growing day in, day out. So why take the risk to let it hurt you and your company?
Option B: You start tackling the problem through education and training. Why wait until you get hacked? Educating, and training your software engineers will make you save money in the long run, a huge amount of money. The amount of hacking attempts you’ll avoid… the time you will gain on producing new code… and not reviewing old one in order to find, test and fix bugs will be considerable!
So wait no more! Tackle the problem before it even hits you. Join the community of secure coders, and help us make the IT world a safer place.

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