EtusivuLinuxBash Shell in Linux

Bash Shell in Linux

After the course the participants know how to read, change and implement Bash shell scripts.




1 päivä


850 €

Target Group

The course targets system administrators and programmers working in Unix/Linux environment. The participant should have the basic knowledge of the target operating system and also be familiar with character based text editor (vi, emacs).

Contents of Bash Shell in Linux

  • Bash modes of operation
  • Linux process model and shell
  • Environment variables
  • Stdin, stdout, stderr, file redirection
  • Executable files – scripts
  • Variables, predefined variables
  • Quotations, capturing subshell outputs
  • Reading input from user
  • Arithmetics, let statement
  • Control structs: if, case
  • Arrays
  • Loops: for, while, until
  • Functions
  • Bash debugging and some pitfalls


Course begins at 9.00 and ends at 16.-16.30. Breakfast is served from 8.15 onwards.