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PRINCE2® 7 Foundation E-learning

This self-paced, mobile-optimized e-learning package of PRINCE2 Foundation, 7th Edition, is created by PeopleCert. This means that course materials are created by the same experts who developed the textbooks and exams for the certification programme, ensuring that the content is accurate, comprehensive, and directly aligned with requirements. You can trust that all your study materials are always current and in sync with the official exams.

The PRINCE2 7 Foundation course provides participants with a detailed knowledge of the PRINCE2 project methodology. After attending PRINCE2 7 Foundation E-learning course you can utilize this project work framework in your own projects either as a project manager or as a member of a project team. This course prepares you to participate to a PRINCE2 7 Foundation certification exam, too.

This E-learning package features:

Bite-sized learning modules
Experience e-learning through concise, easily digestible sessions. Perfect for busy schedules, these bite-sized modules make learning both manageable and enjoyable.

Interactive & engaging content
Dive into an interactive environment filled with multimedia elements, quizzes and activities that make your journey through the course thoroughly engaging and enriching.

Self-directed learning
Take charge of your education. This self-directed learning format lets you choose your focus areas, empowering you to tailor your educational journey to your personal goals.

Learn at your own speed
Take advantage of closed captioning and adjustable player settings. This personalised approach ensures a comfortable and effective learning experience for everyone.

Real-time progress tracking
Stay on top of your learning with real-time progress tracking. Knowledge checks reinforce your understanding, ensuring a solid grasp of the material as you progress.

Real-world case study approach
Benefit from the use of a real world-based case study that guides you through using PRINCE2 during the whole project, from start to finish.

Structured learning checklist
Each module includes a detailed learning checklist, guiding you through the course structure and ensuring you cover all key topics.

Embedded PRINCE2
Access the official PRINCE2 glossary anytime, embedded within the course. This handy resource is a valuable tool for quick reference and deepening your understanding of PRINCE2 terminology.

Seamless Canvas integration
Delivered via the Canvas Learning Management System, this course offers a seamless, user-friendly learning experience.




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Course Content

1. Int­ro­duc­tion

  • The background to PRINCE2 Foundation

2. Over­view of PRINCE2 Pro­ject Ma­na­ge­ment

  • The definitions and characteristics of a project
  • What makes a project a PRINCE2 project
  • The features and benefits of PRINCE2
  • Project management
  • The seven aspects of project performance to be managed
  • The PRINCE2 principles
  • The integrated elements of PRINCE2
  • The PRINCE2 journey
  • The user/supplier context
  • Applying and tailoring PRINCE2

3. People

  • The organizational and project ecosystems
  • The concept of change management and how to lead change in a project
  • The distinction between leadership and management
  • Key people concepts of culture, collaboration, diversity, capability, and competence
  • The importance of communication and how to manage it
  • Integration of people aspects with other PRINCE2 elements

4. Or­ga­nizing

  • The purpose of the organizing practice
  • The three project interests and how these are represented in the four management levels
  • The roles and responsibilities of the different parts of the project management team
  • The organization design and development process
  • Application of the principles to the organizing practice

5. Star­ting up a pro­ject and ini­tia­ting a pro­ject

  • The purpose and objectives of starting up a project
  • The purpose and objectives of initiating a project
  • The context and process for starting a project
  • The context and process for initiating a project
  • The purpose of the project initiation documentation and project brief

6. Busi­ness case

  • The purpose of the business case practice
  • Key concepts related to business justification
  • The benefits management approach
  • The business case management process

7. Plans

  • The purpose of the plans practice
  • The purpose of the project plan, stage plan, team plan, and exception plan
  • Determining project stages
  • Applying product-based planning
  • The PRINCE2 technique for the plans practice

8. Qua­li­ty

  • The purpose of the quality practice
  • Key concepts related to quality
  • Quality planning, quality assurance, and quality control
  • Applying product-based quality
  • The PRINCE2 technique for the quality practice

9. Risk

  • The purpose of the risk practice, including the risk budget
  • Key concepts related to risk
  • Risk planning, risk analysis, and risk control
  • The PRINCE2 procedure for risk management
  • The purpose of the risk management approach and risk register

10. Cont­rol­ling a sta­ge and ma­na­ging pro­duct de­li­ve­ry

  • The purpose, objectives, and activities in the ‘controlling a stage’ process
  • The purpose, objectives, and activities in the ‘managing product delivery’ process
  • How work packages are controlled, managed, and delivered

11. Ma­na­ging a sta­ge boun­da­ry

  • The purpose, objectives, and context of the ‘managing a stage boundary’ process
  • The activities in the ‘managing a stage boundary’ process

12. Is­sues

  • The purpose of the issues practice
  • Definition of an issue and types of issue
  • The PRINCE2 technique for change control

13. Progress

  • The purpose of the progress practice
  • Key concepts related to progress
  • Documents that can be used for progress control
  • The PRINCE2 technique for the progress practice and exception management

14. Clo­sing a pro­ject

  • The purpose and objectives of closing a project
  • The context and process of closing a project
  • Preparing for planned and premature closes
  • Final activities in closing a project

15. Di­rec­ting a pro­ject

  • The purpose and objectives of directing a project
  • The context and process of directing a project
  • The role of the project board

PRINCE2 Foundation certification exam

  • 60 multiple choice questions
  • Pass mark: 60%
  • Duration: 60 minutes + extra 15 min for non-native English participants
  • Closed book, no outside information sources are allowed (including e.g., dictionary, Google Translate or PRINCE2 Manual)
  • Sample exams are available in Axelos website

The PRINCE2 Foundation certification test is voluntary. The exam fee is included in your training fee. You take the certification test online at your computer at the time best suitable to you. 

PRINCE2® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.


The E-learning package contains:
* Official eBook
* Exam voucher
* Learning resource kit
* Interactive eLearning
* Auto-marked sample papers
* 6 months access