Webinar: Secure coding from a galactic viewpoint

Aika: 16.09.2020 15:00
Kesto: 60 minuuttia

Cyber Security needs a preventative mindset, broaden the understanding of its nature and ensure organizational readiness, especially in tech-jobs where false assumptions make up for the knowing-doing gap.

In this webinar you will learn:
• Cyber Security is the least understood while most likely risk that businesses are facing
• About the Cyber Security universe and its game theory
• Why awareness is critical but not enough
• What additional measures to be introduced to better protect data and IT investments?

Outline of the webinar

Introduction: the problem we are tackling
• Increasing emphasis on Cyber Security in mitigating business risks

Cyber Security: the known and unknown aspects
• Understanding the Cyber Security universe
• The human factor: awareness vs. organizational readiness
• The process: building organic security into all IT assets and products

Educate your developers
• Learning how not to code

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Erno Jeges from Cydrill Software Security has been a software developer for 35 years, half of which he has spent writing, and half breaking code. In the last ten years he is focused on teaching developers how not to code. More than 100 classes in 30 countries add to his track record all around the world.

Laszlo Drajkó from Cydrill Software Security has been in the software industry for 25 years, started as an engineer has been building a business carrier with global brands, served as general manager at Microsoft, and Vice Present Americas at Graphisoft, working with customers of all size around the world.


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