EtusivuJavaJava 11 for Java 8 Developers

Java 11 for Java 8 Developers

After the training you will be familiar with all new key features introduced after Java SE version 8.

Java updates are published more quickly than ever before. Java SE versions 8 and 11 have long term supports (LTS), and this course provides an overview of the new features in Java versions 9, 10 and 11. Also features from 12 onwards will be covered.




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We have designed the training for programmers who want an overview of the Java features that have been introduced to Java after version 8.


Java Development

Contents of Java 11 for Java 8 Developers

Java 9 new features

  • Java Platform Module System
  • Java REPL: JShell
  • HTTP2 Client
  • Misc Changes:
  • HTML5 javadoc
  • Collection Classes
  • Stream API

Java 10 and 11 new features

  • Var - keyword
  • Running Java Files
  • Java String Methods
  • Reading/Writing Strings to and from the Files

New features in upcoming Java - versions


Koulutuspäivä alkaa klo 9 ja päättyy noin klo 16-16.30. Aamiainen on tarjolla klo 8.15-9.00.

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