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PRINCE2® Agile Foundation eLearning

The importance of project management in the modern world of business has led to widespread popularity for several management frameworks. PRINCE2® and Agile were already well established before being combined due to popular demand, with PRINCE2 Agile offering the tight focus and control of PRINCE2 alongside the flexibility and quick gains of Agile project management. Kickstart your PRINCE2 Agile training today and upgrade your projects with boosted efficiency, justification, stakeholder satisfaction, and more!

Adopting the PRINCE2 Agile methodology offers a number of organizational benefits. Practitioners often find it easier to hit deadlines, deliver consistently high quality, adapt to change and keep teams stable and targeted. The framework also shows users how to deal with stakeholders, ensuring that they are satisfied without expecting the world.

Successfully achieving your PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certification will demonstrate your ability to understand each methodology, use them to support project management teams and adapt them to suit specific projects. 


Prince2 Agile Foundation Exam

This course is designed to fully prepare students to sit the PRINCE2 6th Edition Agile Foundation examination. Once you have earned this certification, you will also be eligible to sit both the PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner exam and the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam.

This course comes with mock exams to help students prepare for the real thing, as well as a FREE exam voucher.

  • This is a multiple choice exam consisting of 50 questions
  • There is a time limit of 60 minutes to complete the exam
  • The exam is closed book, with only the provided materials being permitted for use
  • The pass mark for the exam is 55%




12 tuntia


609 €



Target Group

  • Organizations wishing to adopt PRINCE2 Agile best practices
  • Prospective and experienced project managers who wish to study and become certified in a methodology that combines two highly acclaimed approaches to project management
  • Anyone wishing to reach the level of PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner or PRINCE2 Practitioner
  • Employees seeking to contribute to or lead a PRINCE2 Agile project management team
  • Anyone wishing to pass the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation exam 


  • The basic concepts and purposes of PRINCE2 and Agile and how to apply the frameworks in practice
  • The compatibility of PRINCE2 and Agile, as well as the purpose of combining the project management methodologies
  • How to tailor PRINCE2 Processes and Themes to Agile
  • Everything needed to pass the official PRINCE2 Agile Foundation exam

Contents of PRINCE2® Agile Foundation eLearning

The course features instructor-led videos, interactive slides, knowledge checks, and other online training assets created alongside highly experienced PRINCE2 Agile subject matter experts.

Module 1: What is PRINCE2 Agile?

  • A summary of what PRINCE2 Agile is
  • An explanation of who PRINCE2 Agile is designed for and when it can be used
  • A comparison of projects and business as usual (BAU)

Module 2: An Overview of PRINCE2

  • An overview of the PRINCE2 structure
  • An overview of the PRINCE2 principles
  • An overview of the PRINCE2 themes
  • An overview of the PRINCE2 roles and responsibilities
  • An overview of the PRINCE2 processes
  • An overview of the PRINCE2 products which are relevant to PRINCE2 Agile

Module 3: An Overview of Agile

  • A review of the development of Agile
  • A comparison of Agile and Waterfall
  • A description of common Agile methods and techniques

Module 4: Blending PRINCE2 and Agile

  • An explanation of the rationale for blending PRINCE2 and Agile
  • A description of how to blend PRINCE2 and Agile

Module 5: Case Study: Latouche’s new Venture

  • A study of a company trying to incorporate Agile into its project

Module 6: Fixing and Flexing Aspects of a Project

  • An introduction to project constraints and tolerances
  • A description of the fix and flex model of PRINCE2 Agile

Module 7: Tailoring the PRINCE2 Themes to Agile

  • Advice on how to adapt the PRINCE2 themes to Agile

Module 8: Tailoring the PRINCE2 Processes to Agile

  • Advice on how to adapt the PRINCE2 processes to Agile

Module 9: Agile Focus Areas

  • Information on specific focus areas in PRINCE2 Agile

Module 10: Case Study: Tailoring Agile to a Project

  • A study of how a company applied the Agilometer and configured PRINCE2 Agile for a specific project

Practice Exam Simulators

  • 2x practice exams provided by Axelos


The PRINCE2 Agile Foundation online course on this page is provided by Good e-Learning, an Accredited Training Organisation of PeopleCert. Tieturi promotes this course for Good e-Learning. PRINCE2 Agile is a registered trade mark of PeopleCert group. Used under licence from PeopleCert. All rights reserved.


The course is valid for 6 months. After your order you will receive instructions for logging-in to the training within 2-3 business days. If you would like to start later, please mention that in the ordering form.

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