Secure Coding

For your safety

Secure Coding

Java, JEE and Web application security

Beyond providing a much more secure programming than traditional native language like C/C++ and a protected runtime environment, Java comes with elaborated security and cryptography technologies to foster implementing secure systems.

.NET, C# and ASP.NET security development

The Microsoft developed .NET and ASP.NET frameworks provide one of the most comprehensive development environment offering sophisticated security services.

C/C++ secure coding

Due to the inherent weakness of this language it is almost a science to write flawless C/C++ code that does not contain vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit. Attend one of our C/C++ secure coding courses to get familiar with these common security vulnerabilities and the very essential everyday C/C++ secure coding practices how to avoid these threats and defeat hackers.

Web application security and Web application testing

Protecting applications that are accessible via the Web requires well-prepared security professional who are at all-time aware of current attack methods and trends. Our web application security related courses give Java, .NET and PHP developers and testers the necessary and essential programming and testing skills to secure internet based systems and services.