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TOGAF® 9 Certified & Implementation Suite eLearning

TOGAF®, ArchiMate®, and IT4IT™ Certification Programs. IT4IT™, ArchiMate® and TOGAF® are registered trademarks of The Open Group. “TOGAF 9 Certified & Implementation Suite eLearning” delivered by Good e-Learning is a course accredited by The Open Group. Tieturi promotes this course for Good e-Learning.

COBIT 5 Foundation eLearning

Opiskele COBIT 5 Foundation-sertifikaattiin onlinekurssimme avulla! Tämä kurssi on APMG:n akkreditoima ja johtavien asiantuntijoidemme luoma. Kurssi tarjoaa sinulle kaiken, mitä tarvitset läpäistäksesi COBIT 5 Foundation-tason kokeen.
Our COBIT 5 Foundation qualification is a pre-requisite for advancement to higher levels of COBIT 5 accreditation, such as COBIT 5 Implementation and subsequently COBIT 5 Assessor. COBIT® is a registered trademark of ISACA and the IT Governance Institute.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) eLearning course

Take a risk-based approach to testing and ensure applications are fit for business purpose.
Ensure applications are fit for business purpose
This course is designed for testers and business users looking to effectively perform User Acceptance Testing and deliver high-quality business systems.
You will develop a comprehensive understanding of the objectives, roles and responsibilities of an Acceptance Tester, as well as the processes and techniques involved in delivering User Acceptance Testing. All of which will increase your contribution to testing teams and make you into a valued member of any IT project.

GDPR Awareness eLearning

Tämä lyhyt kurssi tarjoaa GDPR: n taustalla olevat peruskäsitteet ja -ajatukset, ja se on suunniteltu antamaan päätöksentekijöille riittävästi tietoa, jotta he voivat jatkaa keskustelua omassa organisaatiossaan. Ota ensimmäinen askel GDPR:hen valmistautumiseen hyvän e-oppimisen avulla.
On the 25th May 2018, efforts to enforce the General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR) began. Although many businesses seeking to comply worked hard to meet the date, undertakings to educate and raise awareness will, by necessity, continue for many years to come.

TOGAF 9® Foundation eLearning

You’ve reached the online center for TOGAF 9® Foundation training and Certification. Kick start your path to TOGAF 9 Certification by taking a fully accredited and award winning online training course for TOGAF 9 Foundation (level 1) from Good e-Learning.
Our TOGAF Foundation eLearning course has recently been given the award of ”Outstanding Certification Product”at the 2018 Open Group Awards. This course has been fully accredited by The Open Group and meets all the learning requirements of the latest version of TOGAF (9.1) in order for students to sit and pass the TOGAF Foundation level exam.

TOGAF® 9 Certified eLearning

Tervetuloa palkitulle TOGAF -kurssille, joka sisältää kaikki tarvittavat oppimateriaalit sekä TOGAF Foundationista että TOGAF Certified-kurssista. Kurssin suorittamiseen ei ole edellytyksiä, mutta molempien tasojen TOGAF-kokeet on läpäistävä TOGAF-sertifioinnin saavuttamiseen.
TOGAF-sertifioidulle eLearning-kurssillemme on myönnetty ”Erinomainen sertifiointituote” vuoden 2018 Open Group Awards -palkinnoissa. Tämä kurssi on täysin Open Groupin akkreditoima ja täyttää kaikki uusimmat TOGAF-version (9.1) oppimisvaatimukset, jotta opiskelijat voivat läpäistä TOGAF-sertifioidun tason kokeen.

BPMN 2.0 Foundation & Practitioner (level 1&2) eLearning

Kickstarttaa Business Process Model and Notation-koulutuksesi tänään tällä online-kurssilla! Asiantuntijoiden luomalla kurssilla opit, kuinka kartoittaa jatkuvat ja loogiset organisaatioprosessit BPMN 2:sen linjoilla.
The course will teach you how to adhere to a common modeling method, allowing you to create diagrams that can be shared consistently across all business domains. Learn from the experts with step-by-step tutorials that teach you how to create precise business processes using the BPMN 2.0 standard.